Book Review-An Oak Tree In The Garden

An Oak Tree In The Garden – A Collection Of 30 Short Stories Unraveling The Importance Of Zen By Narendra Murty


Zen is the Buddhist method of meditation and helps people gain complete control over their senses. Mastering Zen requires much patience and practice. That is why people often undermine its importance, which prevents them from enjoying its various benefits.

Zen stories help people become self-aware and enhance their wisdom and sense of compassion. However, Zen stories often have a deep meaning and message, which many people find difficult to understand. Narendra Murty‘s latest book, An Oak Tree In The Garden, is an attempt by the author to demystify these stories. 

Premise: An Oak Tree In The Garden

The book comprises 30 short stories inspired by the experiences of Zen monks. The stories offer enlightening commentary about Zen living and help the readers break free from the shackles of social conditioning. The book makes it easier for the readers to understand Zen by connecting it with problems in the real world through various allegories. It challenges the thinking of the readers and opens their minds to the transformative power of Zen. The stories offer a wholesome approach for the readers to contemplate an issue and drive home the moral without feeling overwhelmed. The author has used the Koan or riddle style in multiple stories to stimulate the readers. 

Who Should Read It: An Oak Tree In The Garden

Writing Style: An Oak Tree In The Garden

The author uses clear and simple language for narrating the stories to make them resonate with the readers. Each story highlights the significance of Zen and unravels the secret to healthy living. The author stays focused on the various aspects of human existence in the entire book. Most importantly, he has presented the stories in a manner that can inspire readers to think about these aspects to bring about a positive change in their lives. 

The cover page is simple and depicts two monks sitting under an oak tree in a garden. This image perfectly matches the book’s theme without giving away anything about its theme. 

Final Verdict: An Oak Tree In The Garden

This is a great book for people seeking a transformative and positive change in their lives and trying to learn more about Zen living. I give it a rating of 4.5/5.