Book Review of The Religion of Wonder

Book Review of The Religion of Wonder – A Unique Take On Religion And Human Beliefs By Narendra Murty


The debate about the existence of God has been going on for centuries. Countless books have been written both in support of and against this belief of people in the existence of a supreme power. These are in addition to the numerous ancient and new volumes of religious books and scriptures.

Rarely has a writer tried to explore religion and religious beliefs from a different angle. However, The Religion of Wonder stands apart from all books about the subject. Penned by Narendra Murty, the book explores religion from a unique perspective.

Premise – The Religion of Wonder

The book takes the readers on a journey of self-discovery about the evolution of beliefs. It explores the evolution of human belief systems in the primitive ages and their gradual transformation into organized religion. It combines historical context with cultural nuances and philosophical reflections to help the readers understand the limitations of reasoning. The book presents a collection of global ideologies that go beyond the restrictions of traditional religions. It makes the readers question the nature of divinity and the mysteries of existence that resulted in the evolution of various religious beliefs. The book is a collection of thought-provoking reflections and humanity’s search for meaning. The book is a collection of thought-provoking reflections and explores the idea of humanity’s search for meaning. 

Who Should Read It – The Religion of Wonder

The book is a must-read for people interested in learning about the origins of religion. It will also be a good read for people seeking a text for intellectual stimulation or spiritual enhancement. It may also prove appealing to readers who are interested in gaining a better understanding of complex human thoughts. Most importantly, people keen on learning about human history and belief systems will also find the book interesting enough. 

Writing Style – The Religion of Wonder

The author has used an engaging writing style along with a well-paced structure to keep the readers hooked. The integration of visual elements makes it easier to understand complex ideas easily. The use of historical insights and cultural anecdotes adds value to the concepts presented in the book.

Final Verdict – The Religion of Wonder


The Religion of Wonder is a unique book in many ways and a must-read for all people, irrespective of their favorite genre. I give it a rating of 4.3/5.