Beyond The Darkness By Yuktha Asrani

Beyond The Darkness By Yuktha Asrani – A Saga of Love, Deceit, And Relationship Struggles  



The story revolves around Manas, his daughter Ziva, and his colleague Aarya. Manas blames himself for the death of his wife and has locked his heart up for good to live a lonely life. The only thing that gets to his heart is his daughter Ziva. Then his life is put into emotional turmoil by the entry of Aarya Shetty, who shows a selfless devotion to Ziva. Meanwhile, Aarya also feels drawn to Manas but is struggling with her own problems. The rich and powerful Dhruv Sharma wants to make Aarya his own and it is to this end that he has her family gripped in his honey trap. Will Manas be able to let go of his past and will Aarya be able to take her place in his heart and his life?

Character Development

Yukta Asrani needs to be applauded for the way she has developed the various characters of the book. From a guilt-ridden Manas to the love-torn Aarya, to vicious Dhruv and even sweet Ziva, every character feels 100% realistic. The readers can relate to the individual characters in some way which makes reading the book more enjoyable for them.  


The story of Beyond The Darkness focuses on the struggles in relationships and how the past of an individual can cast a deep shadow on their present. It highlights the dark and murky mind games that people play to fulfill their selfish motives. At the same time, it also makes the readers aware of how love, selflessness, and innocence can help them overcome the darkest phases of life.  

Writing style

Even though the book is quite serious, the writer has managed to keep the language simple and understandable. The best aspect of the book is that people like me, who have not read its first two prequels, will not find the story incomplete or missing some aspect.
The cover page design of the book is quite simple yet appealing.

Final Verdict

This book offers a great reading experience and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.