A Book Review Of Potpourri Authored By Ruskin Bond #BookMarathon

A Book Review Of Potpourri Authored By Ruskin Bond

  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (1 January 2007)

  • Publication Year: 2007

  • ASIN: B015A9ZJVA

  • Pages: 176

  • Rating: 4.3 on 5

I have not read many Ruskin Bond despite the fact that Indian author of British origin has been hailed as one of the most iconic writers. The few books I have read have confirmed this fact beyond any doubt. Hence, I was really excited to get an opportunity to read Potpourri, a collection of short stories penned by this famous writer. Though I purchased the book in e-format, I was really impressed by the design of its cover page, which is a true artistic representation of the title.
As mentioned before, the book comprises a collection of the choicest stories from the treasure trove of Ruskin Bond. The stories cover a wide variety of themes including romance, crime, mystery, humor and even horror, which makes the experience of reading the book similar to taking an emotional roller coaster ride. The book also reflects the different aspects of life and memories from places that Ruskin  Bond has visited. The versatile characters of the different stories have been inspired by the members of the author’s family and friends as well as people he met and who left a lasting impact on him.
Ruskin Bond is a master storyteller who turns the experiences of simple people living simple lives and having simple aspirations into unique tales. Every story in the book is deeply emotional, yet quite refreshing at the same time. The old world charms he conjures with his words and amazing description of situations and characters are truly remarkable. There is just enough excitement, enough fun, and enough thrill to keep the readers engrossed until the very end. Even my edition of the e-book did have several typo errors, I really enjoyed reading all the stories. I strongly recommend Potpourri to anyone and everyone seeking a really good book that can help them relaxed and unwind.