7 To The Other Side By Roma Dutia – Book Review

7 To The Other Side By Roma Dutia – A Book Review



  • Publication Year: 2016

  • ISBN-10: 8193255313

  • ISBN-13: 978-8193255315

  • Pages: 116

  • Rating: 4.0 on 5


4 starsAs per the synopsis of the book, 7 To The Other Side is a story about life and death, but there is much more to the book which one can only experience after reading it. Debutant author, Roma Dutia has done a great job of presenting a unique tale in an extremely interesting and engaging manner. As the cover of the book indicates, the story is about the journey of an individual both within himself and in the real world to find solutions to his queries.
When Jousha White suddenly wakes up in a hospital bed, he has no idea how he ended there in the first place. Then, within the next several minutes, all the 23 years of life that he has lived so far, pass before his eyes. Jousha relives the moments when he first attended school with his best friend George, the birth f his younger brother Ethan and even the trauma of losing a loved one. He also remembers the joy of his personal success, his life changing visit to India and even his romantic association with a girl named Ayesha.  As he reminisces about his past, he understands his significance for the people in his life and how they in turn influenced his own life. The question of whether his fate has been sealed or whether he can still pursue his ambition needs to be answered?
Despite having an extremely philosophical and heavy subject at its core, 7 To The Other Side is a totally breezy and easy story that most people can relate to. The pace is really fast and the language is simple yet amusing, which makes this a light and fun read. The book focuses on the emotional journey of a single individual and narrates the entire events of his lifetime in one breath. We wish Roma Dutia all the best for its success.