What Your Eyes Can Say About Your Persona

What Your Eyes Can Say About Your Persona

“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.”

― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre’s quote says the eyes are the windows of the soul. That is also for a good reason. Do you know that eyes, being the most expressive feature of the face, can reveal fascinating insights about a person’s character? Have you heard about the science of Face reading?  It is one of the lesser known occult science, and as per this branch of the occult, the shape and size of your eyes can provide a glimpse into your inner world. Whether almond-shaped, upturned, or round, your eyes might hold the key to understanding more about who you are. Let’s explore what different eye shapes might suggest about your personality.

Large Eyes/Big Eyes

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The size of your eye can play a role in reflecting on your vision towards and relation with the outer world. Bigger eyes reflect the traits of higher empathy and sign of actively engaged individuals. It’s a feature of you being more intuitive and less rational in your thought process. Individuals with big eyes are considered very creative. They are keen to search for new concepts and experiences. Big-eyed people hold deep emotional depth and skills to express themselves while interacting with others. People with big eyes are happy-go-lucky, sweet-natured, and like to interact with others with an open mind. However, they are innocent and ready to trust others, and chances are high to get deceived. They hold a unique persona, and their taste for artistic things is good.

Round Eyes

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Round eyes are typically associated with a sense of wonder and curiosity. A ring-forming eye usually brings a juvenile and trusting face with vivid and vibrant features on the side of a person who is very open-minded and adventurous at the same time. They are expressive and very sensitive people. They share their emotions with others just as they feel from within. A candidate with a round eye gives the view to people about big eyes. But round eyes can also be big or small. Round-eyed people are curious, energetic, and eager to set off for new horizons or become explorers of the unknown worlds. Those with round-shaped eyes are considered creative and imaginative. Being over-imaginative may make them impractical, over-adventurous, and rash, which must be controlled for better well-being.

Small Eyes

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The small eye is widely associated with diligence and carefulness. The small-eyed personalities often get absorbed in considering details and finer points of any specific situation. The practice, discipline, and method approach are most typical for them in dealing with life issues. This tendency, however, does not mean that they are shy or reticent, because their sharp subtlety and clear reasoning enable them to think profoundly and upon which others can rely and trust. Such people are born planners and take one step at a time. Not very interactive and do not mingle with others easily. They will do well in research-oriented work as they are detail-oriented in their work style. They are also a bit secretive.

Long Eyes

Long eyes individuals are clever, smart, intelligent and thoughtful. Such people are good at scheming. Generally they do not like to interfere in others matters and lead a peaceful life.

Almond-Shaped Eyes

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Almond-shaped eyes are often associated with a balance of emotions and practicality. They are good at achieving calmness and balance in their lives. We can describe it as a mix of emotional sensitivity and a stubborn commitment to tackle things besides solving problems. They are most of the time gifted with high communication skills and exceptional abilities to understand others’ states of mind. Such people are calm and cautious. They can tackle the most challenging situations with courage. People with almond eyes are spiritually inclined, warm, and kind-hearted. They have a balanced outlook towards life.

Upturned Eyes

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For upturned eyes, the outer corners of both eyes turn upward and are associated with optimism and a positive attitude. Positivity, enthusiasm, and activity are a few features that people with upturned eyes are said to depict. They express how everyone in the group can do things by being ambitious. They have an optimistic disposition. Such people can bring positivity to other people with their great charismatic nature. Such eyes are also known as Cocking-up Canthus. In short, they are active, smart, and intelligent. They remain blessed with confidence and a positive attitude. But you may find them obstinate and arrogant sometimes.

Downturned Eyes

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Broken under the lid, leading to the lateral corners, gives a hint of the ability to be more meditative and compassionate. The ones with the eyes downturned wish to delve more deeply into the depths of knowledge and wisdom and remain endowed with an innate ability to empathize and resonate with others. Their empathetic attitude leaves deep and rich traces of human interactions in their heart. This shape is also known as Drooping Canthus. Many also call it as sadistic eyes. These people are keen observers of human nature and hold mild temperaments. However, if the eyes are too slanted it might give indecision and hesitation.

Deep-Set Eyes

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Often, the deep-set eyes communicate the sense of concentration and penetration. Personality features of people with deep-set eyes include depth in thought, depth of thinking, and analytical skills. They readily exhibit a prominent feature of acuity in attending and an enhanced capacity to concentrate on their jobs. The ethereal stillness of such eyes is a true reflection of an intricate and thought-provoking (sometimes mysterious) personality. If eyes are set deep within their sockets, such people are romantic by nature. They are secretive and guarded and don’t open up in front of others very easily.

Close-Set Eyes

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People with a close-set eyes often have it in their character to be well-organized, hardworking, and diligent in whatever task they do. For instance, they concentrate, plan, and remain structured in every action. People with such eye type are goal-oriented and focused in life. They make good friends and love perfection. Close-set eyes represent a traditionalist persona not inclined to many changes in life like others. They are comfortable with their existing lifestyle and disciplined.

Wide-Set Eyes

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In wide-set eyes, the distance between the eyes is more compared to other eye types. Such people are more open-minded and adventurous personality. They are free thinker, independent, and imaginative. They love trying new things and ideas. Such people have an easygoing attitude and take life as an adventure. Love to explore new things in life and accept challenges. They are impulsive and unconventional.

Monolid eyes

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Monolid eyes are those eyes where the eyelids don’t show any crease. Such eyes are found in people of East Asia heritage. People with monolid eyes are very open-minded and optimistic. They are friendly and easygoing and also hold a caring nature. They tend to get involved in others’ emotions, because of this nature. High chance of experiencing difficulties in life due to over-involvement and experiencing undue responsibilities.

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