The Secrets of Birth Stone

All You Need To Know About Birthstones


Since ancient times, people have been using different birthstones to gain various health, financial and even spiritual benefits. Given below are the brief details of the various aspects of these precious stones that have been an integral part of human existence.

What are Birthstones?

Birthstones are the basically the different types of gemstones that are worn by the users for ensuring a better life and greater prosperity. It is believed that the rays emanating from these stones influence the forces that affect the various aspects of our life. Over the years, people have used different birthstones based on their belief about how these gemstones affect their lives. The following paragraphs provide a brief description of these different beliefs.

Birthstones Associated With Day Of The Week  

BirthStone Based on Day of Birth

The birthstones by day of the week are chosen in accordance with the specific day of the week on which an individual is born. In some cases, people wear a different gemstone on each day of the week, based on the energy associated with the ruling planet of the day. Others might choose to wear their birthday gemstone along with the specific gemstone for a particular day of the week. The chart given below details the various gemstones that are considered auspicious in accordance with the ruling planet for every day of the week.

Birthstones Associated With Month Of The Year

BirthStone Based on Month of Birth

Another common belief that is used for the selection of the gemstones is based on their association with each month in the Georgian calendar. It is believed that the influential properties of specific gemstones are enhanced during the month with which they are associated as a result of which they provide better results. The first instances of using a different gemstone for each month of the year are found in the Holy Bible. The chart given below provides the details of the various gemstones associated with the different months of a year.

Birthstones Associated With Zodiac Sign

BirthStone Based on Zodiac of Birth

This is perhaps the most common method of choosing gemstones as it involves judging the influence of these precious stones on the ruling plants of the various zodiac signs. It is also believed that wearing gemstones in accordance with the zodiac signs is proves more beneficial than choosing them either on the basis of day of week or month. The following table lists the most suitable gemstone associated with the various zodiac signs.

General Effects Of Zodiac Based Gemstones

Given below is a brief description of how the specific gems for a zodiac influence an individual in general.


Aries 2

This is the first sign of the zodiac and the gemstone most suitable for people belonging to this sign is the sparkling diamond. It helps in providing a sense of clarity as individuals move ahead in life without fear.


The gemstone associated with this zodiac sign is the dazzling green colored emerald. Wearing an emerald helps in creating a perfect mix of the natural traits of sensitivity and selectivity of the people born under this sign.


Gemini 2

The gemstone that proves most beneficial for the people having the zodiac sign of the twins is the pure white pearl. It provides the people of this zodiac a sense of ease in living the life of two people in one besides filling them with a great calm.


cancer 2

The crab is most influenced by the brilliance of the blood red gemstone named ruby. It enables the people born under this sun sign to be themselves while also protecting their innermost feelings from the outside world.


Leo 1

The soft green hues of the peridot gemstone prove helpful in taming the ferocity of the loin. It enables the people born under this zodiac sign to prevent the discomfort of having to adjust in a strange surrounding or the changes in the natural preferences.



The deep blue colored sapphire helps in safeguarding the virgin from damage. Wearing the gemstone also helps to sharpen the mind of the people born under this zodiac sign and enhance their ability to appreciate beauty.



This zodiac sign is the symbol of justice and the gemstone that proves most beneficial for people born under this sign is the mysterious opal. Wearing this stone helps in absorbing any negative energy around such individuals while also protecting them from their own bad judgment.


Scorpio 2

The orange hues of the topaz help in ensuring greater relaxation in the friendships of people born with the zodiac sign of the scorpion. It proves effective in maintaining relationships and minimizing the occurrence of misunderstandings.


Sagittarius 2

This brittle gemstone that is sea green in color helps in enhancing the optimism of the archer. Wearing this gemstones helps the people having this zodiac sign t get whatever they desire and withstand high anger levels.


capricorn 2

The deep red colored stone helps in opening the doors of success for the ram. Wearing this gemstone that changes color under different sources of light helps modify the behavior of the people born with this zodiac sign to make them move ahead.




The purple crystals of amethysts help in keeping the water people levelheaded. Wearing the stone prevents the people having the zodiac sign of Aquarius to remain protected from falling under the influence of other people.



The fish people can seek the best benefits by wearing the light blue stone of Aquamarine, which is believed to be related to emerald. Wearing this gemstone provides the support of soothing solid reality that helps the Pisceans to accept and display their beauty.