Are you one of those Indigo Children with special power?

Are you one of the Indigo Children?

Indigo child

If you are among those who believe in the metaphysical and spiritual events, chances are there that you have heard about the “Indigo Children”. If not, you must know this interesting concept. It was during the 1970s when a teacher and author, Nancy Ann Tappe came up with this concept. According to her, there are few children who are gifted with some special abilities. They possess some powers and skills which make them different from the rest of the world. The special traits of these children can be supernatural, magical and beyond physical. These children came to the world to make them understand the value of humanity and why brotherhood is important to have a healthy world where everyone loves each other and spreads happiness and smiles. The Indigo Children give more emphasis to the feelings than the thoughts while the rest of the world is occupied in giving more importance to the thoughts.
According to the author of ‘Understanding Your Life through Color’,Nancy Ann Tappe, there are different colors which represent the auras of humans. In 1982 Tappe published the book in which she mentioned how colors can influence the auras of humans. The book gives light to the concept that different hues rule different humans and leave on their auras an impact.
As per her research and knowledge, it is not tough to identify an Indigo Child. There are few things which can help you identify them. Look below to check:
  1. The Indigo Children possess a transparent sense of purpose and they have strong self-confidence.
  2. One of the most important character these children show since early childhood is that they are strong-willed. The have a unique way of handling life and they make things simple and they never follow the rules, rather they make their own rules.
  3. Such children get into frictions with their friends, family and even teachers because they do the unexpected things which are according to their own wish.
  4. Anything which fails to provide them choice, these children reject it right away. Standard methods are not effective for such children because they are different.

    Its an Indigo child

  5. They are incredibly intelligent and the wisdom they have is more than what is expected from children of their age.
  6. Indigo Children are different as they think very differently. They have really different nature and due to this, most of the times they are mistaken as anti-social or strange. The truth is, they feel more comfortable with other Indigo Children.
  7. Their powers of intuitions are strong. They can understand, see and hear stuff that no other people can.
  8. Indigo Children have the quality of having attractive and unique ideas. They are known for their insightful nature and they have easy solutions for even the most complex problems.
  9. The possession of intelligence blended with creativity makes them unique and most of the non-indigo children lack this quality.
  10. One of the most amazing qualities they have is, their brain works really fast and its processing power is also faster than any average human. This is the reason their energy level is always high and if they don’t channelize the energies into something productive, they can have anxiety and depression.