8 Ways In Which Astrology Effects The Lives Of People

Astrology has been an integral part of the social and cultural set up of India since the ancient times. That is why it is not surprising that this ancient science plays a vital role in the everyday lives of people even today. Given below are the 8 aspects of everyday living of the common people of India that are deeply influenced by astrology.


  1. Child birth: It is extremely rare for Hindu families in India to perform any religious task without seeking the most auspicious astrological timings for the same. In fact in many families, the tradition of consulting an astrologer for the most auspicious day of child birth.

Child Birth

2. Child Naming: Once the child has been born, giving it a unique identity through a name is the most important responsibility of  the parents. It is quite common to choose a name for the child whose first letter belongs to the set of letters for the specific zodiac sign under which native is born.

Astrologocal name

3. Child Education: Education is considered of extreme importance in India, which is why most parents consult and astrologer for the most auspicious day to send a toddler to school for the first time. Parents of grown up children even seek the advice of renowned astrologers about the most suitable time for filling the various examination or even application forms.
Education Astrology4. Property/ Vehicle: When it comes to buying a new vehicle or a new home, it is mandatory in most households to do so only on the day suggested by the family astrologer. Astrology even plays a critical role in deciding the type of vehicle and even the location of the home to be purchased by an individual.
Vechile astrology5. Career and growth: There is a strong belief among the people of India that astrology deeply impacts the life of every individual and as such is considered to provide an effective remedy for their various problems, including getting a desirable job and ensuring career growth.
Astreology career6. Matrimony: In this astrology plays an extremely important role in helping people find the right life partner. Every arranged marriage is finalized only after proper matching of the zodiac signs and various other astrological aspects of the prospective bride and the groom.
Matrimony astrology7. Family expansion: It is believed that the movement of stars affects the familial growth and well being of individuals and this can be controlled by proper methods suggested by learned astrologists for ensuring the progeny, health and vitality of family members.

Child birth Asrology

8. Health: Most importantly people seek astrological advice to overcome various issues that might seriously affect the well being and safety of their family members or even their own health and safety.

 Health astrology