Zinnia Elegans- The year round garden queen

Zinnia Elegans- The year round garden queen

Which flower can qualify as your garden queen? Is it a flower that requires low maintenance, heat, and drought endurance and adds bright color to the flower bed? If this is something you are looking for, we have some suggestions for you!

Zinnia Elegans fulfills all these requirements; therefore, it is the best flower grown by skillful gardeners.

History and origin of Zinnia Elegans

It consists of purple ray florets surrounded by yellow and black discs. Zinnia is like a small daisy flower from the family Asteraceae.

Meaning and symbolism of Zinnia Elegans

Zinnia flowers carry the twin symbolic meaning of romantic love and friendship. During the Victorian era, they were used to convey sentiments of romantic intentions. It is a flower of remembrance, a heartfelt farewell, and a message that the gone will greatly be missed.  

However, in modern times, Zinnias are commonly used to celebrate new success or friendship.

Interesting facts about Zinnia Elegans

1. Zinnia Elegans is also known as common Zinnia, elegant Zinnia, or youth-and-age.

2. Depending on the cultivar, they can grow up to 12-48 inches tall.

3. Many Zinnia Elegans cultivars have won the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

4. Zinnias are not toxic or poisonous.

How to grow and care for Zinnia?

Zinnias grow well in loamy and well-drained soil. They require full sun and grow best in warm, dry, and frost-free regions.

They are drought-resistant and must be sown after all dangers of frost have passed. However, they can also be grown in cover and later transplanted to final locations.

Widely grown for their colorful daisy-like flowers, Zinnia Elegans is a delight for the eyes. Regular watering, fertilizers once in a while, and some pruning of Zinnias will give your garden the bright, colorful look you always wanted.

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