Unheard Facts about Goddess Saraswati

Unheard Facts about Goddess Saraswati

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Which goddess is the symbol of education? Which one goddess is the symbol of wisdom and purity? Yes, any presumes are right; we are talking about the goddess of education, creativity, and music known as Saraswati. Maa Saraswati gives a soothing and focusing personality. Her mantras give peace of mind.
Here we will see her unheard facts and will know about them. Let’s see-
  • Goddess Saraswati- The name originated from two words Saras and Wati, it means who has flow, and she is goddess Saraswati. She is the symbol of knowledge.
  • Saraswati Devi is the most beautiful goddess seated on the white lotus wearing a pure white saree with four arms. She carries veena, books, and a prayer bead that creates peace and respect.

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  • Goddess known as Sarosha- She is known as Sarosha in Zoroastrianism, the protector of earth. Sasha is the wife and envoy of Ahura Mazda. She plays the role of Daena’s teacher. Daena is the hypostasis of conscience and religion. Sarosha helped the dead soul find its way to the next world afterlife.
  • Goddess of Knowledge- Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, and science in the Hindu religion. She is the consort of Lord Brahma, the creator, and respects his power.
  • Symbolic Animal- Peacock is the goddess Saraswati symbolic animal, and is known for performing its religious responsibilities.Goddess Saraswati - Indian Festival
  • Durga- Goddess Saraswati, also known as Durga, fought against a female demon in ancient Veda. The name Durga is originated from the Sanskrit word dru or dur.
  • Unique names of goddess Sarswati- Goddess Sarswati know by her different names that depict unique meanings. Her name is- Mahabhadra , Mahamaya, Varaprada, Malini, Mahashraya etc.

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  • Protector Goddess –In Buddhism, Goddess Saraswati is known as protector Goddess. Sarswati is the goddess who supports the Gautma in learning Buddha by giving him protection and supports to his Gurus.
  • Saraswati as a River– In Rigveda, Saraswati is a river, and in Hinduism, Saraswati is a goddess of knowledge.

  • Sacred Vedas- She holds the book of Vedas that presents universal divine, science, scriptures, and knowledge.
  • Saraswati Chant- In the Sarsawti chant depicted the beautiful human form of Saraswati.

  • Goddess Saraswati has four arms- The four-arm of the goddess depicts humane behavior and personalities like mind, intellect, alertness, and ego.