Quince Flower – The beauty with a symbolic meaning

Quince Flower – The beauty with a symbolic meaning

Flowers can console someone in times of sorrow, celebrate a relationship, say love, or even congratulate an achievement. But you must understand the correct meaning and symbolism of a flower to convey your message to the receiver.

I will try to enlighten you about the Quince flower’s beauty, and its symbolic meaning.

Quince – Knowing the Flower

It is a genus of four species that is easy to grow and is a good choice as a border and barrier plant.

Origin and History of the Word Quince

Cultivated in Asia for thousands of years, Quince is one of the most ancient landscape flowers.

Cheanomeles originated from the Greek word ‘chaino’. It signifies ‘to divide’, and ‘meles’, meaning ‘apple’. It was named because this its fruit was wrongly thought to be divided.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the flower used to be referred to as Japonica or Japanese Quince; these names continue to be used despite the species of these flowers.

What does this flower symbolize?

Quince flowers symbolize perseverance during adversity. Even though the flower doesn’t bloom for long, when it blooms, it brings people happiness.

It represents a leader who is capable of decisive power with compassion. It conveys the message of being open-hearted but also self-defiant.

Many believe that blooming flowers of Quince, plum, or peach during the Chinese lunar year bring prosperity.

A Quince Flower helps to align willpower with our heart power. Many say it encourages one to become a caring parent but with determined limits. 

Different colored-quince flower meanings

1. White Quince flower: these flowers symbolize innocence, purity, humility, or grief.

2. Red Quince flower: the brilliant coral-red quince flowers symbolize energy and life.

3. Pink Quince flower: the soft pink Quince symbolizes purity and elegance, while other gentle hues of pink symbolize pleasure and love.

4. Orange Quince flower: it indicates excitement and passion. They are also given to symbolize pleasure and warmth.

The Japanese and the Chinese have long developed the language of flowers. Flowers have helped people express their true feelings to a person.

And today, I shared how these unbelievably beautiful Quince flowers could represent someone’s diverse feelings. It flowers in late winter and early spring. Do you know that quinces are among the oldest shrubs to blossom?

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