Paperback VS Kindle- Which One You Like?

Paperback VS Kindle- Which one you like?

 Paperback or Kindle, it’s a debate that is an ongoing one. Few find the paperback good and ultimate choice. On the other hand, few consider the Kindle as the trendiest way to read books. Being an avid reader, I got the taste of both options. So, this time, I thought to pen down a post about what pros and cons I witnessed in both options.
You will be surprised to know that there was a time I denied accepting Kindle as a book. But the sincere request of my fellow book-loving friend I thought to give it a try for the very first time. Well, yes, I do read Kindle books now.

So now my view on Paperback VS Kindle: 

  1. Yes, both are books, one visible and one invisible
  2. We can smell the fresh new pages of the book and its divine. This fragrance of book is missing when you choose to go with Kindle
  3. Both can be your best friend in lonely times of life
  4. To hold the books safe, you need a bookshelf, and yes, that occupies space. But for Kindle, you can hold more than 1000 books in one invisible library with no space occupied
  5. Kindle is a handy choice over paperback/hardcover. You just need to download and start reading wherever you are.
  6. If you are having eyesight problems, Kindle is always a better choice as you can adjust to enlarge the words for an easy read. In addition to that Kindle comes with an anti-glare screen.
  7. Protection of the books from pests attack, is something which always makes a paperback lover feel scared. If attacked by pests, the books are gone forever. Kindle users are relieved from such pressure and expensive measures.
  8. Kindle books are available at a low price when compared with paperbacks ( fresh new books). I found it to be a key reason behind its popularity. Yes, second-hand books you can get at a cheap price. Well, the term second hand is not so alluring for me, until and unless it’s a gift from one generation to other.
  9. Promoting and marketing costs remain the same for Kindle and Paperback as both go together.
  10. Publishing Kindle books can be done by the authors on their own and so the cost of printing is saved. It turned feasible for many aspiring authors to publish their books so easily.
  11. Kindle saves paper, and for that, it deserves a big thumbs up.
  12. Stealing or misplacing of books… in short, we can say book lost situation will not be there in case of Kindle.
  13. Oh yes, Kindle does offer free books to read, and that is a definite advantage for book lovers.
  14. Coming to the last point. In this pandemic, it’s always safe to go with the kindle version of books.
Well, both have some pros and cons, and it’s on you to decide which one you wish to choose. For me, now it’s both. Book on the bookshelf and in my Kindle, library looks perfect to me.