Antilia: How magical is the most expensive house of India from inside out

Antilia: How magical is the most expensive house of India from inside out

Antilia, a name that speaks about luxury and comfort in one place. This magical house is not just popular among the people of India but across the globe too. This is a 27 storied kingdom of the richest man of India, Mr. Mukesh Ambani. His name is included in the list of top 10 richest people in the world.

The intention that leads to the construction of Antilia:

Intending to spend a good amount of his savings on wealth, Ambani decided to purchase land at one of the most expensive streets of Mumbai. The construction of Antilia started, with the dream to make a family home where he can stay with his wife, three children as well as 600 staff members.

Antilia the Extravagant house of India:

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Antilia the skyscraper is 550 feet high having an interior space of 400000 square feet. The entire construction process took 4 years to complete. The architectural work was done by a famous American architecture company, the renowned architectural firm Perkins and Wills designed the lofty building and the interior is done by another renowned America based company Hirsch Bender Associates. This gorgeous and expensive home is ranked immediately after the Buckingham Palace in the world list.

Antilia Construction and features

The helipads: The key attraction

Top Of Antilia Luxury House

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As a whole, Antilia is very impressive to look at but the most attractive part of Antilia is the Helipads located right at the top. Three roof-top helipads are offering a bird’s eye view of the whole city. The shape of the house is a bit strange and the construction is done based on the principles of Vaastu science.

The heights of the floors and the internal communication facility of Antilia:


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The height between the surface and the ceiling of any floor of a house normally varies between 12ft to 14 ft. But one floor of this building is similar to a 2 storied building. The height of this building is 173 meter and it houses 9 elevators of high speed. Among these two are used for the parking areas, three are used for the guest rooms, two are used for service and rest two are for the family members.

The USP of Atilla Construction:

The basic construction of this house is made of steel and glass and another stunning feature of this house is that it can resist the earthquake jerk of up to 8 Points on the Richter scale. Another special thing about this building is the outer surface. The outer surface of this house is covered with natural grass so that it can give a natural look which is ecofriendly too. An automatic watering system is facilitated for the proper maintenance of grass.

Facilities for amusement:

Guests of Antilia will never get bored while staying here as it offers exclusive refreshments arrangements available for them. For recreation, separate and special arrangements have been made. There is a dance studio besides a 50-seater home theatre along with a snack bar, special wine room, tables, couches, and gorgeous entertaining surroundings. This building contains a spa and terrace garden and a temple too. There is a lap pool inside the health floor and an indoor swimming pool is also there. Another attraction of this expensive dwelling is Jacuzzi from where an eye-catching view of the Mumbai skyline can be witnessed. One mini garden is maintained on the fourth floor of the house.
The home of the Ambani applies a unique way to restrict the Mumbai heat. Do you know it houses an “ice Room” and the walls of this room splutter snowflakes that are manmade?

Car parking and servicing at Antilia:

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Special arrangements are made for parking and servicing of the cars. For parking, too special floors have been allotted. Six stories of this amazing house are dedicated only to car parking where almost 168 cars can be parked easily. One floor is allotted only for servicing of cars of Ambani.

Water consumption for the Antilia   Maintenance:

Another surprising fact about Antilia is its massive water consumption. Daily water consumption here to maintain the house is equal to the total water consumption of the entire city. We believe here the Ambani’s need to find ways how to limit the use of water to contribute towards Global water saving.

The Antilia   Food court and Its chef:

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The residents of Antilia are all vegetarian. But special arrangements are also available for the guests. Guests can enjoy the privilege of tasting dishes from almost all parts of the world. Top-ranked and renowned chefs are appointed here from different countries to take care of the taste buds of Ambani’s and their guests.

Why the name – “Antilia“:

India’s most expensive house Antilia is named after the phantom island of the Atlantic Ocean. This island is situated between Portugal and Spain and later, this island is named Antille.

Residents of Antilia:

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Apart from Mukesh Ambani, other residents of this expensive house are Nita Ambani, Kokilaben mother of Mukesh Ambani, two sons Akash and Anant and daughter Isha. Apart from them, 600 employees are employed to keep this expensive construction in order. Two stories are allotted for health centers. Family members reside at the top six floors of this massive creation.

Concept of Vastu science applied at Antilia:

In a nation like India at the time of constructing a residential property or even commercial building, the application of Vastu science is considered a must for the wellbeing of the residents. Vastu gives a clear directional concept that can bring good luck to the residents of that house. But as per the famous Vastu expert, Mr. Bassant R Rasiwasi the building is not having enough windows or open space in the east. Hence the members of the family are not able to get enough morning light. Such blockage can create confusion and several unwanted issues between the members. This position can lead to immense hard work to gain moderate achievement. But what we can see that the Ambani’s achieved immense success in whatever business they pursue.


The house of the richest man in India is not free of controversy and celebrity status always comes with controversy and its common. It is believed that the plot was sold to Mr. Ambani at a very low cost than its actual market value and it was sold by a Muslim Charitable Trust. Well, the spokesperson of Mr. Mukesh Ambani has denied the allegations mentioning that he gets hold of this plot in an auction. Whatever be the case, India is proud to have a business tycoon like Mukesh Ambani.