Roshni Tiwari & Her Journey In The Making Of “Cats and Bows”

If you have the passion to do something different and unique in this world then no one can stop you. You want an example for this?  Then meet the young, bubbly and smart young entrepreneur in budding stage- Roshni Tiwari. At this young age this college goer girl know well how to make passion her profession. Check what she says…………………………..

Poster 8 July 2015

Hi Roshni, Welcome to We are happy to have you with us. Roshini share a brief about you, your background and family?

Myself Roshni Tiwari, Ahmedabadian since birth. I basically hail from a family where my father is a high post official in one of the top notch companies of India and my mother is a working woman too. Being the only girl child, a bit pampered and loved by all. Though I am of UP origin, but I am a Gujarati by heart and soul. And pursuing BSc. Environment science at the moment in 3rd year.


Photo Credit: Cats and Bows

There are many other creative things to work on , then why you decided to work on making bows for various use and not anything else?

Bows were something which I saw and for the first time it came to my mind that “WOW”.I was highly inspired by a page in a social network and often thought “I can make it too”. With time my practice became my passion.

10660332_536655053132245_347533435016004292_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

How CATS and BOWS born, when and where?

Cats and bows happened to me when I was in my kitchen playing with one of my pet kitten and the first thing struck my mind “why not to combine two cute things together -Cats and Bows”

104_4625Photo Credit: Cats and Bows

Why you selected the name CATS and BOWS for your brand name? Are you fond of cats?

Yes, not only fond but I am simply in love with my cats and kittens . Basically I am a nature lover girl. And mainly both the things are my favorite Cats and Bows

10931467_585611608236589_6194505370690410597_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

When you first realized the fact you are good at Bow making and can take your passion in form of profession?

I started making bows and often wore them to my college and then suddenly one of my friends said “It’s gorgeous, can you make one for me?” I came back home and replied her “Honey am gonna charge u a little for my little bows.

934880_639600592837690_8880352299773536467_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

Who is the one who inspired you or rather say supported you to go for making Bows professionally and not keeping restricted to your hobby of making bows?

Making it professional was a bit difficult but the credit goes to my mother , my brother and my passion to make bows. And yes the most credit goes to my bro because he is a perfect Gujrati business man so by my work he realized I should make it professional.

10830597_558064567657960_6059349343107856321_oPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

Are you trained professionally in this art or it’s your imagination?

No, I was having a very little knowledge when I started making bows. I am self-trained but Google helped me often. Even pinterest was much friendly.

10698402_546781695452914_1978056045233608714_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

There are many bow making companies in market what makes your work different from them?

PERFECTION – I won’t say that other companies are not perfect but I would definitely say I am very close to perfection and uniqueness. I believe in self imagination than copying it. That makes CATS AND BOWS different from others .

10405382_636678676463215_6092464303140596264_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

Is there anyone with you who is supporting you in making these bows ?

No, I craft my bows myself and two things accompany me – my love and my dedication for them.

16904_609597535837996_3445190090236751701_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

What sort of investment or cost required in making a Bow and then marketing it?

It requires a very minimal investment but I cannot disclose you the cost because monetary investment depends on the type of bow and its complexity but time and perfection is the real investment I put in .

100_4808Photo Credit: Cats and Bows

What are your plans for expansion of CATS and BOWS?

As of expansion I can say that I would like to organize as much as flea markets, exhibitions, open fare for my bows.

11401281_645255135605569_672245505718757209_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

Who are your targeted customers and for which age group client you make these Bows?

To be very true, I do not have any targeted customer. I craft bows for them who love wearing bows . Recently, I made a big handsome bow for one of my customer pet dog “Bruno”. So, I don’t have any age barrier for customer neither any class barrier.

11055255_651441614986921_4498310462101682327_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

In which items you are using bows for use? ( Kindly name the products like bands, collar bow……)

I can make bows as per requirements. Till now I have made bows from even one inch to five six depending on the use like to fix on mobile covers, Bow-Ties, Bow Bands, Bow Scrunches’, Bow for book marks , Bow Pins and last but not the least Bow Jewelry (neck piece and earrings).

11124712_615306765267073_3046359122417278549_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

So far which is your best creation and why?

Till now all the bows I have made my RIPPED DENIM BOW is my favorite and the best is yet to come.

11148496_619046041559812_5903376288038401387_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

What are the materials you are using in making these unique bows?

I use a simple pair of scissors, fancy fabrics, a good glue and loads and loads of love and care to craft these bows.

11140121_645649352232814_1068981294955089841_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

How you are promoting your products and what sort of response you are getting?

I promote my page in social networks basically like Facebook but mainly instagram and also in my friend circles and neighborhood. And I have received tremendous response from instragram.

11109669_637469223050827_7198642486577901294_n11350606_637469306384152_2319883236294482531_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

How was your reaction when you made you first product sell?

First product sold and it all reminds me of my first hard earned money. There were tears of joy, happiness, excitement and a full sense of satisfaction.

10943766_652739948190421_8510008077522386671_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

What are your other passions in life?

Till now there is one passion and that is the madness for bows. Other likings are travelling, photography and my new love for CONVERSE.

10698402_546781695452914_1978056045233608714_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

5 years down the line I see myself in Germany probably doing my higher education, wearing a nice bow, sipping a good beer and of course taking my Company to a German level just like the German Cars.

18013_634228783374871_8277676361113069552_nPhoto Credit: Cats and Bows

What are your views about Indian women entrepreneur and their future?

I think women should come forward more and more and join hands together in the field of entrepreneurship. I strongly believe that patriarchal society needs to be changed and there should be a balance between both the sexes.

104_4389Photo Credit: Cats and Bows

Define Roshni – The entrepreneur in one line?

The Bow Girl who made her passion her profession.


Photo Credit: Cats and Bows

If anyone wants to grab your products where will they contact you?

If anyone wishes to buy my product they can ping me in Facebook or DM me in instagram and even call me directly on my number.

Thank you Team for giving me such a nice opportunity to share my passion with you.