Crafting Cake With Love- Nazia

She is young, She is energetic, She is a dreamer She is Nazia – The baker girl. She is very passionate about baking cake in different style. She had a quick chit chat session with us. Check out what she said.

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1) Welcome to Cake is one such product which is loved and appreciated by people across globe and we are happy to have you with us Nazia. Nazia we request you to introduce you to our readers?

Slide1Hello. I’m a human resource student who is just out of college and pursuing baking out of passion.

2) In general every woman knows the art of cooking, you turned slightly different and you are a Baking diva. How that happened to you?

Well, I’ve always been into kitchen since my childhood days and remember playing only with kitchen sets  rather than with Barbie dolls. I had to do Internship at The Residency Towers during my college days at MOP Vaishnav which made me realise my potential and aroused interest in baking.


3) Who is the one who first noticed a spark in your cake making style and inspired you to become a Baking diva?
My aunt Ayesha & my uncle Rafi who have always stood by me no matter what I ended up baking. They always appreciated and encouraged me to do better and better.


4) These days Indian women are super talented and they want to expand their boundary to showcase their talent and creativity. For you what exactly in Cake making provoked you to make a career in this niche field?

Slide3My sense of experimentation and trying out new and contrasting flavours made me what I am today.

5) When do you decide to start with your Chocolate making class? 

I have no such ideas. I’m a SUPER CONTENDED BAKER!


6) What are your specialties in baking style? In short what are the different form of cakes you make.

Hazelnut Mousse cake, Ferrero Rocher cake & Chocolate Overload! A lot of my customers love my Ferraro Rocher cake.


7) As you are a baking expert, we will love to know from you as how effective are these cooking shows and competitions on television? Do the winners or participants actually get exposure in making their career as Chefs?



Definitely yes. These shows and competitions have been eye openers for hundreds of home bakers like me to put our education aside and follow our dream. The popularity speaks for itself as we have a lot of channels dedicated to food and cooking alone! We all should owe our success to them.


8) Do you take cake making classes, if yes then what is the curriculum of your classes?

Yes. I take classes on monthly basis. It’s mostly a day’s class. I teach the basics of baking & cake decoration.

9 ) What sort of response you get from candidates when you announce you classes?

The response just grows gradually. The interesting aspect is, a lot of school & college students are eager to learn when compared to home makers.

10) What types of cake you make?

I make sponge cakes, pound cakes, fudge cakes, mousse cakes, fondant cakes and also fruit cakes! I’ve also made a pani puri cake!!! (can you imagine that)


11) How it feels when people appreciate your style of cake making?

Feels great!!

Slide612) What are your future plans  about your cakes?

Planning to open a cafeteria in the near future.

13) What are your other passions in life?

Baking is and has been my only passion.

14) Who is the best critic of your cakes?

Definitely my Dad! But that’s a positive criticism which has helped me improve a lot and I’m really thankful to him about that.

I would also like to mention that I’m blessed to have a very supportive mom and helpful siblings.

15) How you will rate yourself out of 5

Slide13If you ask me I’ll give myself 5 on 5. C’mon that’s human nature.. ha ha!

16) Define Nazia The Baking Diva in one line?


A very honest, hardworking, sincere and a hardcore homebaker!

Photo Credit- Indulgence