Young Blogger Wonder Girl Tanishka

Blogging is her passion  and she loves to write about anything and everything. She is just a 10th Class student, but still a powerful blogger. She is young, she is bubbly and she is free and frank in her discussion. She joined us to share her lovely journey as blogger. Meet Tanishka Kherajani


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1) Welcome to, our readers are keen to know you closely? So please share something about you which is unique as per you and also abput yur background and family?

Hello! I’m Tanishka Kherajani and most of you know me as Tanya. I’m a multiple subject blogger. I blog on all subjects from accessories to food to beauty. I’m born in Jaipur, Rajasthan on 18th May,2000 (yes, I’m 15) and currently living in Ahmedabad. There are 6 people in my family; my grandparents, parents and an elder brother.

2) Besides being a blogger what else you do professionally?

As I’m just 15, other than blogging I’m a student! A 10th Grader to be precise.

3) Why you preferred to be a blogger and why not any other creative things?

I’ve had an immense love for writing since a young age and nothing could portray it better than my own blog.

4) Say something about you blog Wonder Diary. When you started and what is the response you are getting?

Wonder Diary is a multiple subject blog started on 6th May,2015. Wonder Diary has became a very important factor of my life, it is basically my view on every topic. As of now, I have a limited number of readers but I remember the time when I had none. My blog is growing slowly and I appreciate it.

5) Any other plan for any other genre of blog?

As I said above it is a multiple subject blog, it covers everything. Although, there are a lot of subjects I haven’t blogged about yet.. I would love to share a recipe that I invent on my own. Hopefully!

6) Which are the basic products which you try to cover and review in your blog?


When it comes to reviewing products, my base as of now is beauty and fashion product reviews. I really wanna feature a documentary on my blog.

7) Companies approach you to review their products or you select products as per your taste and preference?

I’ve experienced both, I have approached companies and some have approached me too. The companies ask about my choices and then they send products accordingly.

8) Are you reviewing Indian products or also products from abroad countries?

I have collaborated with both national and international brands and I would never say no to any offer as I want to extend my experience as much as I can.

9) Who is your favorite – Tanishka the girl next door or  Tanya The blogger?

Both Tanishka and Tanya are very important to me. I can not choose between these two personality traits. Tanishka is what gives me my family, my friends and people around me whereas Tanya gives me my readers. Both of these are really important to me.

10) Which is your source of information before you pen down your blog topic?

The product themselves are my biggest source of information. Other than that, the link to shop and a bit about the brand is what I keep handy before starting to write.

11) Which is your favorite cosmetic brand on which you can trust blindly?

I’m not a makeup person to be honest! It’s my kohl and lipstick (at times) which I have in my make up bag but Maybelline is something I can trust anytime. And for lipsticks,it’s MAC.

12) what inspired you to become a blogger?

I’ve always had interest in blogging but behind my blog is Aakriti Rana from LaChicaLoca.

13) Share some WOW moments as a blogger?

My first ever collaboration with Iraya was the best moment. Also receiving couriers is a really exciting moment.
14) What are your plans 5 years down the line?

5 years from now, I’ll be doing my M.A in literature and a diploma in psychology maybe.

15) Anything special you want to share with us or even advice for young bloggers?

To anyone out there who is reading this, to live your life happily there’s only one hack.. “Do it the way you like it.”