The Author From The World Of Sports: Prita Yadav

Prita Yadav, The lovely bubbly girl and a Talented sports woman of India, decided to pen down a Novel related to sports world. She did and the book published and what readers got to read is an amazing story. Prita is with us today to share her journey. Check out what she said
Prita Yadav Interview
It a pleasure to have you on this platform of Our readers would surely want to have a sneak peak on your background.
 Answers: I’m a maverick granddaughter. I totally love my grandfather who is my world, my strength and my backbone. My book is dedicated to him. He never restricted me and hence I started playing hockey in school days and even today play for a club. I’m a die hard Sachin Tendulkar fan and enjoy watching cricket. Having said that, my heart beats for hockey always and I totally love playing our national game with pride.
 You started your journey in such a genre ( Sports) which is just not uncommon but very rare to. Why its sports and not romance?
 Ans: I’m a fitness enthusiast and grew up playing hockey, so  I always knew my first book had to depict my love for sports and you never know the sequels of the book may have a mash up of both sports and romance!!! J
Do you have any connection with sports world in your personal life?
Ans: Totally. My world revolves around sports. Hockey, running and now cycling and soon swimming. I just totally love to work out on any day and at any time.
What did  you think about Romantic Novel and its popularity in market?
Ans: According to me, the universe orbits around love, so romantic novels and movies will always have an upper hand. I’m sure just like it happens to me, we place ourselves in the protagonist’s shoes and desire for the happy ending in our real lives too.
How you got addicted towards writing world?
 Ans: My sports events encouraged me to vent out all my feelings, love and emotions for hockey on a paper. Slowly a small story turned into a novel and I knew I had to publish it and in my own small way encourage people to follow their passion in life
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Say something about your experience while representing the Maharashtra State Hockey team ?
Ans: The experience was awesome, something that I will always cherish for my entire life. I’m sure it’s something every hockey player eventually wants to do someday. Play for your state and then your country.
 Very recently your novel Klass got published. So how you are feeling ? What sort of reviews you are getting?
 Ans: It’s an amazing feeling to fulfil a dream that I had almost given up on. The book has managed to garner decent reviews from book critics and reviewers and I’m going paranoid writing my second book. I hope I live to the expectations.
Klass Book Review

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Which character of your Novel is your favorite and why?
Ans: Mr Kanchansingh Yadav, simply because he had the courage and guts to follow his passion in life overcoming all obstacles.
 How you reacted when you saw your first copy of  debut Novel Klass
Ans: It took some time to sink when I saw the first copy of my book. With heart pounding so fast that I was afraid it would stop beating, I murmured a small prayer for my late grandmother and proudly skipped though it. After almost 3 months, I starred hard at my book and whispered to myself “You did it!”
The conflict between the publishers and authors is very common. Have you faced such problem while finding publisher for your book?
Ans: I guess the conflict is an age old problem. I’m in lookout for a good publisher for my second book, hope I don’t face the same hindrances I faced for my first book
 When you first realized that you have the spark of becoming an author?
Ans: It still feels weird when people call me an author!! Hehe..I was hardly ten when after reading an Enid Blyton book I was so inspired that I immediately grabbed a paper and pen and poured down the outline of my first book. Still remember that day when entire night I couldn’t sleep thinking about the ‘if’s and but’s”, but I didn’t get bogged down and continued writing a series of book thereafter. (not published yet)
What are your other passions in life?
Ans: Lotss actually!! 😉 I’m extremely passionate about hockey which is the real reason for writing the book. Off late I have also started running a lot of marathons ie 10 k runs. I have now started training for triathlon and hope I can achieve my dream of being an Iron woman someday
What are your future plans – ?
Ans: In the process of editing and rewriting my second book. Also, running a lot and training hard for future marathons and triathlon events
What next in pipeline  and of what genre?
Ans: Next book is the sequel of the first book and belongs to the fiction genre. It will again have a lot of sports events and I hope I can encourage people to break their pre conceived notions about certain people and things
Define Prita Yadav the author in One line?
Ans: I can actually define myself in one word- CRAZY!! 🙂