Meet The Power Packed Poet From Kashmir – Perveiz Ali

We meet and interacted with many poets so far on this platform and this time we got the chance to meet an amazing poet from the beautiful land of Kashmir, Mr. Perveiz   Ali. His poetry impressed us so powerfully that we decided to go for a session with him, to know how the journey was so far as poet. Take a look at what he said………..

Perveiz interview ....


1) Welcome to the platform of Indiacafe24. Perveiz  can you provide a brief about you, your background and your family.

Answer : Born in the eighties in Pampore, the world famous Saffron Town of Kashmir. By qualification  I am a naturalist and by profession an administrator and teacher and by passion I am a writer. In simple terms, I am a Human with humane feelings against the drawing of blood, intimidation and oppression. I grew up in a middle class family mostly associated with agriculture, where reading and writing is regarded as an important asset.

2) Perveiz, You are already a known poet of India- How was the journey so far for you?

Answer : There are ups and downs in each field. I wouldn’t say I am an exception and my journey as writer /poet has been altogether smooth.  But at times, one feels very down and it becomes very difficult to convince oneself to move on with the same enthusiasm as one starts with. In general, I am satisfied with my journey as a writer. My passion for writing gets rejuvenated each day with the experiences of my past.

3) What are the sensitive qualities which you feel need to be there to give birth to a poet?

Answer: Being a poet, you should have a broad vision and a sensitivity to deduce lessons from common walks and talks, grazing animals, feeding and chirping  birds and be super sensitive to analyze the directions of nature  ‘what to do and what not to do’.

4)  Which genre of poetry attracts you the most?

Answer: Lyrical poetry attracts me the most. In this genre a single speaker presents state of mind or an emotion, be it an elegy, Ode, sonnet, dramatic monologue or simply occasional poetry.

5) Who do you consider as an inspiration in your life?

Answer: Dr Tasavoor Ahmad Kanth, a university professor, is an inspiration for me. He taught me along with my batchmates in university “what life in reality is and how it is to live?”

6) When people appreciate your work how do you feel?

Answer: Obviously… appreciation is a soothing factor in any field but it is the critics who make you the better writer.

7) Who is so far your Biggest Critics?

Answer: My mentor, Carl Pontiak, is my biggest…or rather I would like to say, best critic, as it is his constructive criticism which sharpened my pencil to draw with confidence and accuracy.

8) Recognition and Awards matter a lot in life of every person- What are the major awards and recognition you received?

Answer: It is not always a matter of medals and certificates. When one’s work is accepted and appreciated in six continents out of seven (and don’t forget Antarctica has never been an indigenous population) what more can one can expect to have in a early stage of writing. Be it the anthologies, blogs, journals or even magazines.

 9) Penning down a poem or penning down a story, which as per you is more difficult and why?

Answer: Of course, it is poetry which is difficult. Apart from brevity, thought provoking concept, Spot on state of mind or an emotion, there are well defined parameters which can’t be neglected in poetry at any cost.

10) Which poem written by you is your Favorite? Plz share it

There are many but I would like to share the one related to my passion – writing

Art of Poetry

Poetry is not just the fashioning of words,
It is the forging of sharp and pointed swords .
Poetry is not the stanzas or the verse,
It is the vehicle that carries emotions sweet or worse.
Poetry is not just some thoughts to a rhyme,
It is the ups and downs through the journey of time.
Poetry is not simple jargon of wordy fools,
It brings your thoughts to the front as extracting tools.
Poetry is the dialect that identifies you,
Gives you a voice that makes you relevant too.

11) How the theme behind any poem develops in your mind?

Answer: Developing a theme for a poet behind any poem is not an uphill task, it can be a chit chat with a two year old baby, unidirectional conversation with stars and open moors.


12) Your origin is from the beautiful land of Kashmir. In poetic verse please explain the beauty of Kashmir from your view point.

Paradise On Earth

Assuaging one’s dream of natural beauty,
Can be accomplished with a single visit.
To a land nestled high in green forestry,
Of lofty Himalayan mountain ranges.
Recognized by many as paradise on earth,
Decorated by divine order with such wonders.
The lush green and decorative white caps,
Calm green valleys and frozen snow peaks.
A Source of pristine and beautiful rapids,
Descending down slopes melodiously.
Musical harmony for hungry nature lovers,
To enrich and satiate the desire with beauty.
A chance to enjoy a place touched by divinity,
Touched to the core of our hearts by lushness,
Soul massaged and eyes awed by such beauty.

13) Say something about your life beyond poetry?

Answer : Besides writing, of course I read very much, does not matter what genre it belongs to, prose or Rhyme. Music and mountaineering are next, perhaps after reading and writing. The literary habits soothes my soul to a greater extent. A trait Inherited from my profession of administration I now love to manage events. I have developed a flair for interior designing and dabble a bit with painting.

14) What are the different languages in which you write your poems?

Answer: English, Urdu and occasionally in my native language, Kashmiri

15) What are your plans 5 years down the line?

Answer : Two poetry collections are in processing. One about my homeland, Kashmir in which my utmost attempt is to continue the project of Kashmiri  landmark Poet Agha Shahid Ali “To let know the world the pain and misery Kashmir is suffering from long.” Secondly, I would simply love to really love to foster this one  “Love and Nature.” This has a diverse theme aiming to foster the ground for universal brotherhood.
Apart from these two collections, I hope my age old friend – Pen, will help me to share my inner being to the world I live in.

16) In one line describe Perveiz Ali- The poet?

Answer: A compassionate and driven individual with love as a guide.