Sensational and Talented Diva of Astro World Jyoti Jhangiani

Calling her talented will not be enough to describe her qualities as an astro expert. When you look at her you will get the feel of a Divine personality. She is sober and down to earth person. Her charismatic appearance will surely impress every individual.Yes, your guess is right. We are talking about the Diva of astro world Jyoti Jhangiani

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1) Welcome to the platform of We are happy to have you with us. Jyoti you are not only just a name in the world of prediction but surely the one on whom the celebrity world trust a lot while knowing their future. So what the secret behind your success?


First let me define what does success means to me. True success is that when you don’t even have time to think of yourself as successful person. I just approach each day with the intention of learning something new and doing better each day at work and so in this way I still have a long way to go  rather to think of myself as successful. Well about celebrities I would want to say whether  the person is a celebrity or a common man, I make sure that they are benefitted by my knowledge.

 2) How dependable is tarot card reading  in reading the success and failure of a person?

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 Tarot card reading shows the path and points out the obstacles that you may face in your life. But if u choose not to work hard and if u think tarot card is replacement for hardwork then I am sorry to say you will be disappointed as you just can’t rely only on destiny, because even god helps those who helps themselves. Tarot reading is a mixture of destiny and hardwork.

 3) Jyoti you are in this field for quite a long time know and meeting people round the globe, can you tell the major reasons which actually is provoking people to go for future reading?

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 People from all around the globe face some or the other problem which cannot be solved just through their hardwork as I have mentioned earlier that destiny and hardwork both play equally important role in a person’s life and sometimes they want to know the direction where they should put their extra effort so that they can get success and  most important by when (time period). So this is the major reason which provokes them for tarot reading.

4) How effective and beneficial is life or event prediction or in other way round in what way prediction techniques like Tarot card reading can guide a person?

 I think it is very effective and beneficial, for e.g during rainy season one prefers to carry an umbrella because it may rain any time so in similar way tarot warns u about your future problems you may face  and at the same time it also suggests remedies how to overcome it.

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 5) The world of celebrities are very attractive, but are they actually behind the screen? As you interacted with many celebrities so a normal curiosity arises to know how are the people of celebrity world are they totally different from common man.

 When I meet people I look at them as a normal human beings who need my advise rather than thinking of them as a celebrity. I don’t differentiate between a celebrity or a common man. I just try to help them to the best of my capability and my knowledge.

Award and Recognitions

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 6) While reading the future of a person you get to know some negative things how it feels and how  you convince the client to be positive and take control of life?

 When people come to me I mentally prepare them by telling that every individual on this planet faces some or the other problems so its nothing new and instead I suggest them some remedies which could help them to solve their problems and I also make sure that if they know about their problem they also knows the solutions to it. And then I convince the person to be positive and take control of life.

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 7) In astrology remedies are offered by astrologers, in similar fashion is there any scope of remedial measures for any issues related to life in Tarot, Numerology and Reiki?

 Remedial Measure is a vital part of occult. As Occult deals with the hidden aspects of  anything concern, with remedies we can amend the things and consequences. As we know that if we use our intuition well we can get solutions to our problems. In tarot and reiki, we suggest different meditations and prayers whereas in numerology we suggest gem stones which can heal and help a person to lead a positive & a better life ahead.

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8) As you are trusted Tarot and numerology expert of celebrity world , how you manage to take some time out just for your relaxation out of busy schedule?

 I make sure that there is a thick wall between my personal n professional life. I have my fixed working days and hours  and so I am able to manage my time accordingly….:)

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9) What are your other interests in life?

Like any other girl I like to watch movies, hangout with friends, listen to music, party with friends, love to travel etc… 🙂

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10) Do your offer professional classes to people who want to learn the concept of Tarot, Numerology or Reiki?

Yes I do teach Tarot, Numerology & Reiki as I am a certified Tarot Master Instructor, Numerologist Trainer and a Reiki Master.

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11) What are your future plans?

 My future plan is to grow more where I can continue to learn, teach and take on additional courses, and contribute as much of time and value as I can. I plan on enhancing my skills and continuing my involvement in this psychic field not only in India but also in abroad.

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12) In one line describe Jyoti the Tarot reader?

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I would like to describe jyoti the tarot reader as a human being who loves her work and  is very passionate about it