The Story Of Craftorious By Aastha Garg

This time we have with us a young crafter  from India Aastha Garg. She joined us to share how she started with the making of Craftorious  and managed to create a niche place in the industry with her quality work. Check out what she said……
The Story Of Craftorious By Aastha Garg
Hello Astha , Welcome to its an honor to have you with us. Aastha you call yurself as “hands on kind of a girl “, so lets start the session with few words about you as a person and your family?
Well, I am a simple human being with a childlike nature that keeps me pumped and energized all the time. I am married to a business man who is also my high school love, and a mother of a 5 year old baby who is quite self obsessed and high maintenance! haha!
Who discovered your creativity first?
I guess I have always been a little towards the creative side since I was a kid and people around me used to talk about it but lately I have been getting these motivational speeches from my sister to take the creative side of me to the next level. So ya, why not spread and share the happiness that i get from my work to the world.
What type of creative wrk you actually do ?
As i keep saying just give me a few sheets of paper and a pair of scissors and my life is sorted. I am trying my hands on creating various kinds of greetings, memory souvenirs like scrapbooks, gift boxes and a lot more. All of it fully personalised, handmade and exclusive. In short all that is Craftorious and brings a smile on people’s faces.
Being a crafter do you think that there are true admirers of craft work in this world or its just a hobby type of work for  many? What it is for you?
It was just a hobby till a few years back, but I guess things are changing now. It’s no more restricted to just school projects or hobby classes. If you have the zeal to create something new, the world has its door open! People have started giving importance to handmade gifts, they kind of understand the warmth and joy its brings, which is great!
      Say smething about  Craftorious “Heartfelt Expressions By Aastha Garg”?
      Well Craftorious is something that will fill your heart with warmth and joy. Its purely handmade and each piece is crafted with immense love.
When people show interest towards buying your craft, do you ever analyze what will be the future of your art in their hands or you try to understand conversing with them what actually provoked them to buy the craft ?
Whenever someone buys my craft i don’t really think about the future aspect of it, if it succeeds in bringing the right emotion to your heart my job is done. And usually people like to keep such things forever with them and keep going back to them whenever they need that little push in life. Its more about the feeling than anything else that the craft brings you. The real success of Craftorious lies there.
Who taught you these art and craft work?
No one really. I have been playing around with paper and experimenting on my own.
      Do you teach ?
No, haven’t given it a thought.
     What else you love to do apart from your creative work?

I enjoy cooking for my husband, listen to music for that instant boost and push for when i am low and play with my baby which is a total stress buster.


      If you get chance then will you take up classes to educate underprivileged people who can earn by by learning from you?

Oh I would love to! It’ll be a great learning experience for me as well.
    Who is your biggest art critic?
My Husband, he would critique my work from an audience point of view which is really helpful.
    What are you plans in this year?
Take Craftorious to a new level. I’ll try and introduce some more heart warming products to bring a wide smile on people’s faces. Majorly the plan is to keep creating keep crafting and keep moving forward!
     Describe Astha the crafter in one line?
I craft with my mind and embellish it with my heart. 🙂