Enjoy Safe Diwali, Tips for Enjoying Safe Diwali

Helpful Tips For Enjoying A Safe Diwali

Diwali is a time of fun festivity and celebration for the entire family and in order to maintain the happiness and joy of the celebration being safe is of extreme importance. Given below are some helpful tips that you can follow to ensure a safe and fun filled Diwali for your entire family.

Wear The Right Clothes

It is a tradition for people to wear new clothes on Diwali. However, rather than choosing the shiny and shimmering synthetic fabric, it is advisable to stick to cotton and remain safe. In fact there are countless patterns and designs in cotton clothes that make the fabric look as brilliant and elegant as synthetic.

Safe diwali dressChoose Good Quality Crackers

While avoiding crackers is a good choice, you should make sure to buy only high quality ones if you have to. It is better to burst little less crackers than risk the health and safety of your entire family by opting for substandard products that are often much cheaper and generally unsafe.

Monitor The Kids Constantly

Festival of Diwali is definitely the one most awaited for by the kids. However, it is important to not let them flow in their excitement and keep a strict watch on them especially while they are bursting firecrackers. Under no condition should you leave the children alone with crackers or diyas in their vicinity.

Placing The Candles And Diyas Safely

One of the most common decorative items used in every household on Diwali are the candles and diyas. However, it is important to place them at a safe distance from any inflammable materials.
Helpful Tips For Enjoying A Safe Diwali
Care should be especially taken while placing them in the vicinity of curtains as they can be easily swayed by even a small gust of wind. In fact it is advisable to totally avoid placing the diyas indoors to prevent any fateful accidents.