Want to spend a good time dinning with your Valentine?

Be my valentine and feast with me. Nourishment from diverse conditions of the nation is likewise given by numerous restaurants in India. A few restaurants have some expertise in grill and western dishes. There are likewise numerous wayside eateries and dhabas which serve scrumptious nourishment. Here are a few great restaurants in Mumbai to enjoy your ValentineDay Dinner:


Wasabi, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Taj palace

Wasabi is India’s  important area to investigate Japanese nourishment.  Tastiest dishes at the restaurant, supplemented by its surroundings will give you a grand feeling. A coordinated effort 0f Masamaru Morimoto as a chef, Wasabi is the Japanese cooking restaurant in the city and is right now driven by Group Executive Chef Hemant Oberoi. What adds to its renown is the Black Cod miso with salted red pepper and sweetened kuromame bean.

Koh, at Mumbai

Koh Mumbai

One of the city’s most up to date Thai restaurants, Koh was opened in August by Ian Kittichai, that well-known culinary expert from New York. Furthermore, since he can import fixings, Kittichai gives his Thai nourishment a present day and creative turn. The Hamachi (Japanese white fish) and the mark chocolate infant back ribs, which fuse cocoa with meat! The veggie lovers will love the broiler broiled aubergine and the hot stone rice.


Zen at Leela Palace, Bangalore

Zen Leela

The pink-toned inn’s Pan-Asian restaurant, Zen, leaves; coffee shops spoilt for decision, particularly with Japanese, Balinese, Thai, Korean and Singaporean strengths. Zen additionally has an uncommon counter setting where you can sit and appreciate your sushi or a Korean grill. Taste on some Japanese Sake or Korean Soju.


Italia, The Park Hotel, Chennai

Italia Park

This Italian restaurant has a few huge names connected with it. Not just is Chef Rajesh behind the barbecue here, yet he has had assistance from top cook Antonio Carluccio, a standard on BBC nourishment programs. Architects Abraham & Thakore have likewise helped outline the material.


Bukhara, Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi

bukharamaurya 1

If you need a taste of what Indian sustenance likes, move on to Bukhara. Bukhara has practical experience in Indian sustenance, and the north Indian cooking styles are an absolute necessity attempt. Bukhara’s menu additionally incorporates the Obama and Hillary Clinton platters, made when the current US presidents and the US Secretary of State went by the city.