On The Occasion Of Father’s Day IndiaCafe24 presents a Special Publication – Sunday, the 21st of June 2020


A Son’s First Hero.

A Daughter’s First Love



Those who are a loyal reader and a regular follower of our website, Indiacafe24, must have read our coverage on Mother’s Day. Indiacafe24 is keen than ever to do a special follow up on such occasions like Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Daughter’s Day, etc., and keeping your enthusiasm up, we today bring you a publication on Father’s Day.

I am sure many of you will be able to relate to the quote penned above because surely I do. I remember when I was a toddler and had just learned forming sentences, I used to repeatedly say my Dad “Dad I shall marry you when I grow up”.

Situation and time has changed drastically over the years and even be it unwillingly, many of you will second me when I say that time has shown us some horror images of “Dads” worldwide. With honour killing, domestic violence, and raping one’s own daughter going rampant these days, sometimes I do wonder “What is a Father?”

Today, I shan’t be going around about what a Father’s Day is; its history, and what all we should do to celebrate the day. No! I am not here to say and discuss something that probably thousands of other websites will guide you through! I shall strive for a social cause today (probably a more pressing, burning social issue) and try my best to strengthen the Dad-Daughter & Dad-Son bond.

Right from the time when our brain starts functioning and processing the data we accumulate from our surroundings, it is the natural tendency of any child to first recognize two prominent faces from the thousands others who will be the King and Queen of our lives for many years to come. Those two faces are of our Father and Mother.

On the second part, we also come to an understanding with our own self that our Mom is someone whom we can always run to whenever we need to be pampered or we need comfort, warmth as a matter of fact. However, our Dad is someone who is the epitome of strength. Paa is someone who is our pride. He is the one who is for us no matter what. Be it a fight with the local boys on the playground or be it a messy chaos in the school, we have Paa with us who (we imagine as a child) has a magic wand and can fix anything and everything.

I believe many of you will agree that having Poppy dear by our side means no one can beat us! He is the entire support system which we often to take for granted. Our Paa sacrifices his wishes, however small it is, just to give us the comfort and security that in near future help us to grown and evolve. Thus, we all give our consent to the fact that our Dad plays the foundation role in bringing up as a good human being; true to its sense and term.

But as every relationship is a two sided role, I firmly believe that being a Father is probably playing the highest possible role next to God. Thus, a man when becomes a Father invisibly signs a bond with the Universe that he would protect his child no matter what. He signs an irrevocable bond that he shall set an ideal example for his next generation to learn and follow. He vows to stand through thick and thin with his family and never to leave them at lurch.

After all these promises what shall we call a Father who deserts his family and goes absconding? We heard such stories, right? What is a Father who beats up his wife in front of his child just out of pleasure or just to prove a point? What is a Father who prefers honour killing above the happiness of his child? Or what sort of a Father rapes his 3 or 4 years old daughter (most likely step-daughter)?

These incidents are not rare! Look around you will see in every alternate house somebody or the other is literally experiencing this nightmares! Can you imagine the mental state of a child who when watches his role model to stoop down to the level of a criminal? Either the child starts believing in the fact that the way to survive in this World is through crimes or he/she becomes cynical and girls in this situation are more likely to develop hatred towards men, thereby, giving rise to more social issues and crimes.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities”

“A Child Is The Father Of A Man”

This Father’s Day it is my humblest request to all the fathers to take a pledge to come up to the expectations of their children and take a step towards making the World a better and safe place to live in. Your child will follow your footsteps. Thus, you should be more careful than ever in the messages you convey to your child. No matter what, he/she will learn what you will teach them.

And it is my earnest request to all the children out there; your Father is the best strength and security you can ever have. Value and Respect it! Try to notice and take in to account all the small yet subtle sacrifices he does for you to make you a better human being.

A tribute to all  the fathers of this world and a special tribute  to her father Mr. Subrata Dutta by Author of this special issue, Utsava Dutta