O for Octopus – The Story of Ojashwi

O for Octopus – The Story of Ojashwi – True Friendship has no boundary

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet O

Deep beneath the sea, was another world, full of life and vibrancy. There lived a little Octopus baby and her family. Her name was Ojashwi. Ojashwi was born with eight tiny tentacles, as octopuses don’t have legs like humans.

They need to swim beneath the sea to explore the sea world, so the tentacles help them swim, float, and enjoy the sea life. All members of her family and the community of Octopus have eight tentacles.

The curious mind of Ojashwi always encouraged her to know more about their sea life and to make new friends from other communities of the sea society. She enjoys exploring the vibrant and bright-colored coral reefs and used to play hide and seek with all her friends. Because of her charming nature, she was a favorite among her Octopus community friends.

One day, she swam further to discover a new friend from the other community and met Sammy, the baby sea horse. And in no time, they mingled so well and became great friends. Swammy taught her how to glide through the water gracefully. The baby sea horse had a rainbow-colored mane that shimmered under the sunlight and looked vibrant.

Ojashwi and Swammy loved to race each other through the seaweed forests. Their giggling and chirping always made the forest happy. One fine day, they made another new friend, and it was Finley, the fish. Finley was a little clownfish with dreams as big as the sea waves. She wished to explore the entire ocean.

When the three friends played together, orange and white stripes of Finley, added more color to the surroundings at the backdrop of the corals. Their friendship became the talk of the sea town. Whenever there was a discussion on true friendship in the sea world, the creatures always gave examples of these three.

On a sunny day, they were playing and found a sunken old ship. They took a tour of the ship to find out if anybody was there to play with them. But no one was there, and they came out of the ship. They met Marina outside. Marina was a beautiful mermaid, and she was sitting on a coral and singing. Marina’s beautiful voice mesmerized them, and they reached near her.

Looking at them, Marina smiled and waved her hands. They chatted a lot with each other, and Marina shared tales of distant lands with them. From that day on, they became inseparable friends. They promised each other to go on sea adventures together and learn about the lesser-known wonders of the sea.

Their friendship stood as an example for all. They discovered that no matter, how different they were, they found a bond of trust and love for each other.

With time, their friendship blossomed like a colorful reef, that spread joy and happiness in the life of the sea creatures deep beneath the sea level.

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