M for Mango- Story of Amrapali, Totapuri, Sindhura, and Ratnagiri

M for Mango- Story of Amrapali, Totapuri, Sindhura, and Ratnagiri- The Power of Friendship

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet M

There was a big mango orchard with varieties of mango trees at one end of the village named Aampalli. In that mango garden lived four bosom mango friends named Amrapali, Totapuri, Sindhura, and Ratnagiri. Each one of them was known for their unique quality and essence. They love to chat with each other and spend quality time with the other mangoes in the orchard.

 Among these four friends, Amrapali was famous as the kindest of all. She loves spreading her sweet fragrance to mesmerize people who visit the orchard. Her mango friends also love her a lot. Amrapali’s aromatic fragrance soothes the atmosphere of the mango garden, turning it into a heavenly place for the mango world.

Totapuri is a fitness freak mango. Her long and slender shape talks about her love for being healthy and fit in look and appeal. Totapuri loves to swing with the wave of the gentle breeze. She is a good singer and loves singing songs of joy.

Sindhura, as the name suggests, is known for her beauty. Her bright red blush attracts many mango lovers to this orchard. Sindhura added color to the orchard. She turned it into a beautiful place full of red hues and aromas.

 Ratnagiri was known as Miss Charming. She is the smallest of the group of four friends. Ratnagiri and her elegance and charm added positivity to the orchard.

One fine day, a group of naughty squirrels visited the orchard. They created chaos and disturbance in the peaceful orchards by chewing and munching the mango tree leaves.

The time arrived to be proactive. The need for action from the mango family became a necessity. Amrapali, Totapuri, Sindhura, and Ratnagini conversed with each other and other mangoes in the garden about their upcoming action to protect the trees from the squirrel gang attack.

 Amrapali used her weapon of sweet aroma to soothe the squirrels. Totapuri was a fantastic dancer, and she danced with the soft winds, with her rhythmic movements to entertain the squirrels and make them stop spoiling the mango leaves. Sindhura’s vibrant color charmed the squirrels and made them fall in love with the beauty of the mango orchard. Ratnagini’s charming nature pleased the squirrels so much that they realized that hurting the mango leaves was not good and left the orchard waving the mangoes for giving such moral lessons to them with love and care.

With excellent teamwork and trust in each other, the mango friends saved the orchard from the squirrel’s attack. They proved that being together would help them overcome any problem in life.

From that day on, they started spreading joy and happiness in the mango garden and even in the lives of humans who take them home to enjoy their unique tastes. The four mango friends taught us that friendships and a positive mindset can do wonders in the lives of fruits and humans.

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