Story of the Ordinary By Deepika Bhalla- Book Review

Story of the Ordinary By Deepika Bhalla- A Book That Adds Values in Kids


“Moral Stories” I am sure we heard about such stories in our growing years in schools. Even during our time, our grandparents and parents narrate such stories to help us understand right and wrong in our lives. In short, it helped us learn how to be a better person. Now, when we are parents, it’s our moral responsibility to incorporate the same in our younger generation through storytelling. Keeping this concept in mind, author Deepika Bhalla penned the book Story of the Ordinary. 

It enlightens the kids to celebrate their differences and uniqueness, being compassionate to the characters in their everyday life. The author wanted the kids to visualize them in the stories and empathize.

Premise:  Story of the Ordinary

The book is a collection of 3 stories. Each story ends with a moral lesson and is also connected with our everyday life.  

The first story, titled Junk Man, enlightens a child with the lesson, that we need to check things on our own first before trusting others’ words. We don’t have any right to judge any person based on the opinion of others. The little girl Rayna believed the words of her friend Akaisha about Junk Man. The reality was far from what Akaisha said. I appreciate the fact that being depressed by Akaisha’s words, Rayna shared the same with her mother. It helped Rayna’s mom to understand the real fact of Junk Man.

The second story is The Potter’s sticky clay. This story enlightens the kids with the lessons that they are like soft and sticky clay, which over time, are made strong to be happy in whatever situation they are in. In the journey of life, there will be many things that we need to leave behind and be sorry for that. 

But, rather than being sorry, they should look forward and embrace new things to be happy. I liked the character of Amma and the way she brings positivity and hope into the life of Abir.

The Man with the Hand of Gold is a beautiful and best story out of the 3 in this book. It educates a child that no work is big or small, and each has a separate role in society. 

We need to change our opinion and stop looking down on any work as low profile. Aadab, was depressed when she learned in school that her father’s job as a blacksmith falls under a low-profile segment. 

She even started ignoring her father after that day in school, but her mother gave her the time to understand the importance of his father’s work. The day when she got to realize the contribution of a blacksmith to society, she felt ashamed of her behavior. 

Character development: Story of the Ordinary

The author deserves a special round of applause for presenting the characters with perfection by delving into their social status and natural behaviors. Every character in 3 stories looked realistic. Kids do think like this. When I look back and revisit my childhood, I can see, that I also had such a thought process. My mother and the moral stories changed my opinion.

Writing style: Story of the Ordinary

The author has used very simple and captivating language which young kids can read and understand well. As a mother, I also vizualize my son reading this book to learn good morals. 

The cover page design is simple yet attractive with the titles of the stories.

What did I like about the book?

There are so many illustrations in the book. Kids can color them using their imaginative power. By doing this, they will visualize and feel every story from the heart, and I loved this concept of this book.

Final Verdict – Story of the Ordinary

Story of the Ordinary is a perfect book for young readers to learn the true values of life. Such books are blessings for kids, and I rate the book 5/5 for its concept, presentation, and creative features.