Shadow Of The Dark Soul- Book Review

Shadow Of The Dark Soul By Sukhmani Gandhi – A Book Review

Shadow Of The Dark Soulgoodreadsamazon

  • Publisher: Cypher Publishers
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • A SIN: B010N7SA5Q
  • Pages: 80
  • Rating : 3.8


Shadow Of The Dark Soul being the first book of writer Sukhmani Gandhi, I did not know what to expect from it. So I started reading the book right from the Foreword itself. The Foreword, written by eminent writer Vikrant Dutta, gave me an idea that the book was not the usual rom-com type novel. Rather, it deals with a far more serious, and I would not be wrong in saying the burning topic of modern times, namely “Rape”. The unique choice of the subject in itself was enough to raise my curiosity to the extent that I could not let go of the book till I had completed reading it.

 Shadow Of The Dark Soul tells the tale of Zayesha, a young reporter, who has been assigned the task of writing an article about Jyoti, the victim of Delhi gang rape case. However, her research about the article leads her to her to focus on the struggles raging within her. During her research, she comes to know about a social organization that helps rape victims live a normal life without being pitied or blamed or even feeling embarrassed. In the process of learning more about the organization, Zayesha finds the answers to most of her own problems.

By the time I finished reading the book, I found myself facing the same questions as Zayesha. Through this book Sukhmani Gandhi has voiced one of the biggest concerns about the women and men (Yes men too do get raped), namely the necessity of making them feel like victims for the rest of their lives. It also brings to fore the fact the most people expect the society to change without having the courage to be that change!

Overall I found Shadow of The Dark Soul a must read book for every person and I wish Sukhmani Gandhi all the very best in her future endeavors!!