Saint Richard Parker By Merlin Franco – Review

Saint Richard Parker By Merlin Franco – A Journey Of Self-Discovery In The Form Of A Travelogue


There are several books themed around the concept of rich and affluent people taking up the path of self-enlightenment. Almost all such books are written either in the form of self-help guides or philosophical narrations.

However, Merlin Franco’s book Saint Richard Parker approaches the subject in a somewhat unconventional manner. It takes the readers on an exciting and humorous journey to the exotic Far East, which is considered to be the hub of spirituality.

Premise – Saint Richard Parker

Richard Parker is an ace businessman and an investigative journalist. He writes an article exposing his boss as an illegal beef exporter, which causes him to lose his job. Forced to close down his business, he moves back to his small village. As he tries to revive his life, Richard realizes that his calling in life is attaining self-enlightenment. However, he seems to have attracted the attention of a dark witch Isakki, and her menacing buffaloes. Feeling increasingly confused and desperate, Richard seeks the advice of an astrologer. The astrologer tells him that his destiny lies in the Far East. So, he journeys to the South Asian countries of India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore seeking love and enlightenment. However, his search for true love and spirituality is marked by a farcical comedy of errors. After experiencing a series of mix-ups and lost chances, Richard finally finds what he has been searching for in the most unexpected places.  

Writing Style – Saint Richard Parker

The author has used different versions of English as used in the various countries that Richard visits. This makes the text seem more authentic and also adds an element of humor to it. The vibrant characters and lively dialogue make the book extremely interesting to read. The narrative is fast-paced which ensures that the readers do not feel bored while reading the book. Despite its long length, the novel is quite informative and exciting, especially for people who love to travel.

Plot and Theme – Saint Richard Parker

The book tells the tale of the spiritual transformation of a smug and egoistic businessman and writer. It takes the readers on a roller-coaster ride through some of the most iconic places in South Asia. At the same time, the book provides several comical and intellectual settings that help them to greatly enjoy the misadventures of Richard Parker. Despite that, the book never wavers from its primary theme of seeking self-enlightenment. All these elements combine to make reading the book an amusing and engaging experience for the readers.

The cover page of the book has been interestingly and colorfully designed. It features the title of the book along with an image of a bearded brown man. The subtitle of the book is placed at the lower end and provides a clear idea of what the book is all about setting the right tone for the readers.

Final Verdict: Saint Richard Parker

I loved the book for its simple and humorous approach to a serious topic. I recommend it to everyone seeking self-awareness and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.