My Name Is Not Devdas By Aayush Gupta- Book Review

My Name Is Not Devdas By Aayush Gupta  – A Contemporary Reimagination Of The 1917 Classic By Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay


There are very few Indian novels that have made such a deep impact on Indian literature as Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Devdas.

The book has been translated into almost every Indian language and has inspired countless, theatrical, movie, and television adaptions. In addition, the book has been explored from different angles and perspectives by authors of every generation.

My Name Is Not Devdas is the latest reimagination of the book by Aayush Gupta in a more contemporary setting.

Premise – My Name Is Not Devdas

Devdas is a Marxist, feminist, and an erudite thinker who is deeply influenced by his father’s good qualities. Paro is an impoverished girl belonging to a Hrayanvi family, who was adopted by Devdas’s father. Despite that she is deeply in love with Devdas and her feisty nature does not allow her desires to be quashed simply because she is his adoptive sister, which she never asked to be in the first place.

Chandramukhi is a Kashmiri girl, who takes up sex work to sustain herself in Delhi. The book follows the journey of the three main characters through the ideologically divided landscape of a college campus in Delhi. In the process, it highlights the self-destructive nature of the younger generation which is absolute in its beliefs and convinced of its righteousness.

Who Should Read It – My Name Is Not Devdas


The book is must read for people who love to enjoy a different take on the century-old classic. It is also a good read for people keen on exploring the feelings of desire and belonging in the millennial generation. The book also highlights the day-to-day happening in the lives of the people, the society, and the country as a whole in the name of misplaced Nationalism.

Writing Style My Name Is Not Devdas

What makes the book unique is that in this version, each character narrates his/her version of the story and in doing so the author has highlighted the fact that even though none of the characters are perfect it is still their story. While the book upholds the original premise of a tragic love triangle, the author has changed the settings from rich landowning households in Kolkata to a modern college campus in Delhi.

The cover page design is simple yet impressive and reflects the contemporary theme of the book.

Final Verdict: My Name Is Not Devdas


This is a good book for all the fans of the Devdas saga in its different forms and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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