Deliverance Of Sarpameru- Book Review

Deliverance Of Sarpameru By V T Rakesh – A Review


  • Publisher: Partridge India
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • ISBN-10148284527X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1482845273
  • Pages: 248

3 and halfDeliverance of Sarpameru is the second book by author V T Rakesh. Rakesh has  shown a talent to write thrilling stories that revolve around some social issues. . The cover of the book did not raise my expectations about the content as it displays the hand painted image of a seven headed serpent with the title of the volume at the top and the name of the author written inside the space formed by the coiled tail. However, all my apprehensions were vaporized, the moment I started reading the book.

 Sage Kshiprajyoti feeling disappointed by the corrupt and manipulative ways of the citizens of India, creates a tiny island named Sarpameru, in the Pacific ocean through his supernatural powers. However, the idyllic life of the people of the island soon becomes the victim of sectarian thinking. In the resulting power struggle the haven built by the sage is marred by violence, disharmony and prejudice. In these dark times, three strong women, named Lily, Rose and Jasmin use the strength of human relationships to overcome the social obstacles posed by race, religion, language and color to restore peace and unity within their small island community. To know how they do so and what difficulties they face in the process, you need to read the book.

After reading the book I realized that the image of the serpent on the front actually depicted the vices of social structures that have been used by the fundamentalists to sow disaccord between fellow humans. Through this novel, V T Rakesh has beautifully highlighted the disastrous consequences of the racial and sectarian violence that primarily results from such social and religious inequality.

 Overall, I totally enjoyed reading the book that provides a perfect mix of mythology, history, war, espionage, action and romance. This book has once again proved that V T Rakesh is an extremely skilled writer who deserves to succeed!

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