Book Review of Varahas Vengeance

Book Review of Varahas Vengeance: Battle of Vathapi Book 2 Penned By Arun Krishnan


The Chalukyas and the Pallavas were amongst the most powerful ruling clans of South India. That is why writing a single fictional novel involving both these empires can be challenging.

However, writer Arun Krishnan has proved his writing mettle by writing not one but two books about these two royal families. Varahas Vengeance is the second book in the series and delves deeper into the animosity between the Pallavas and the Chalukyas.   

Premise –  Varahas Vengeance: Battle of Vathapi Book 2

The three brave Pallava warriors, intending to restore the honor of their clan, set out on a journey to gather allies. At the same time, the undefeated Chalukya King Pulikeshi’s brother Kubja Vishnuvardhana, helps him to launch a fierce counterattack on the Pallavas. They try hard to destroy the Pallava army by launching surprise attacks on them both on the land and in the sea.

With their very survival hanging in balance, will the Pallavas be able to fulfill the vow of their deceased King Narasimhavaraman? Will the Chalukyas reign supreme once again or will the Pallavas achieve their objective by finally defeating Pulikeshi and his supporters? The readers get the answer to these and many other questions in the second book of the Battle of Vathapi. 

Character Development Varahas Vengeance: Battle of Vathapi Book 2

Just like his first book, Arrun Krishnan has done a great job of presenting each character in the book. He gradually builds each character to make it seem realistic and relatable to the readers. The use of the right words and phrases to reflect the various emotions and personalities of the characters makes the book more interesting to read. 

Plot – Varahas Vengeance: Battle of Vathapi Book 2

The book takes up the story from where it was left in the first part, named Nandi’s Charge. It presents a thrilling tale of bravehearts from both the Pallava and the Chalukya clans and the trials and tribulations they face. It is a roller coaster ride that reflects the grandeur of the Pallava and Chalukya empires and their thirst for utmost supremacy. 

Writing Style Varahas Vengeance: Battle of Vathapi Book 2

Like in the first book, Arun has kept the narrative quite engaging with various twists and turns in the storyline. The elaborate battle scenes and the detailed description of the social and political setup of those times transport the readers back to the Medieval era. 

Final Verdict: Varahas Vengeance: Battle of Vathapi Book 2

Varahas Vengeance is a continuation of the saga that began in Nandi’s Charge making it a must-read for lovers of historical fiction and I give it 4.5/5.

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