Book Review of The Thief Penned by Sekhar Raja #Book Marathon

Book Review of The Thief Penned by Sekhar Raja

  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Pages: 8

  • Language: English


  • Rating: 5 on 5

There are few stories which touch your heart so emotionally that after reading it you start feeling the emotions of the characters for days. To be honest, I read many novels since my childhood days and reviewed many till date, but this book by Sekhar Raja ” The Thief”, touched my heart so much that I can feel every bit of the feelings of the characters in the story. It’s a short story of just 8 pages but before I further proceed with my review, I honestly urge every book lover to read this book. Trust me you will never regret banking on my recommendation for this book.
Let’s talk about the cover page first. It’s simple and displays two young hurt hands on the ground and it indicates that it’s the hand of the thief and its paining. For me, it’s a very emotional story.
And the thief here is a young boy who got accused of stealing a purse. Being too young and yes, the first timer in stealing he was caught easily. And what next? He was judged with cruelty by everyone without even giving a try to think as what made this young kid indulge in such an act. But there is one exception and its the narrator of the story who protested and saved the child from getting bruised further.
As I further proceed the real reason came in front behind this act. Many of you will find it hard to judge what can be the reason. The reason is so touchy and full of innocence and sensitivity that you will fall in love with this little thief.
Today’s society is so skeptical in their thought process that they even don’t think for a moment what makes such a tender boy choose this path. Judging without knowing the reason and taking physical action is something very common to see these days. We don’t even think what will be the effect of such action on the young mind. A heart full of kindness is very rare these days rather the world is filled with hatred.
The story describes how unconditionally the boy loves his elder brother and father and can do anything in his way to prove his love for them. Hats Off to the author for beautifully penning down the story in such an emotional and meaningful way. The story gives a strong message and tells us that we need to think before we act.
The flow of the story is simple yet so beautiful. Great work by Sekhar Raja and I wish to read many more stories from him in the coming time. A perfect 5 on 5 from my side.