Book Review of The Henna Start-Up By Andaleeb Wajid

Book Review of The Henna Start-Up By Andaleeb Wajid – The Engaging Tale of a Girl Keen About Making a Successful Career 


Despite the growing notion of female independence and equality, the majority of Indian women live a life dictated by others. They often have to give up their dreams and expectations in the name of age-old traditions and customs.

Yet some women dare to break these shackles and follow their passion. The Henna Start-Up is the story of a young woman who refuses to bow to societal pressures and let go of her aspirations. Penned by Andaleeb Wajid, the book highlights several other issues along with female independence.  

Premise – The Henna Start-Up

Seventeen-year-old Abir dreams of making a successful career for herself. However, her conservative family is determined to get her married off as soon as she completes her graduation. Despite facing immense pressure from her family, Abir never stops planning her future as an independent working woman. Her strong bond with her fourteen-year-old sister and the unwavering support of her best friend Keerthi, help Abir to stay sane and focused. Then she gets an opportunity to fulfill her aspirations when her college announces a program for student start-ups. However, before pursuing her dream, she has to convince her family first. Moreover, she also has to deal with her hateful classmates, including Arsalan, who angers and irritates her the most. 

Character Development – The Henna Start-Up

All the characters have been wonderfully crafted and make the book quite interesting. It is easy for readers to understand and connect with the various characters. Each character adds a unique element to the story and contributes to its progress. 

Plot – The Henna Start-Up

The book addresses one of the most important issues faced by women in India today. It reflects the fact that women have to overcome numerous hurdles before they can live a life of their choice, even today. At the same time, it highlights the strength of love and bonding within families that makes it possible for such women to fulfill their dreams.  

Writing Style – The Henna Start-Up

The author adheres to a simple writing style and easy language throughout the book. The narrative is fast-paced and the frequent twists and turns in the plot keep the readers engaged and entertained.  

The cover page design is simple yet impactful and sets the right tone for the book’s theme. 

Final Verdict: The Henna Start-Up

The Henna Start-Up is an engaging tale of the struggles of women in India and I give it a rating of 4.5/5. I read Andaleeb Wajid’s earlier books also an this book is definitely one of the best I read so far from her.

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