Book Review of Nandis Charge: Battle of Vathapi Book 1

Book Review of Nandis Charge: Battle of Vathapi Book 1 Penned By Arun Krishnan


Indian history is fraught with events that often resemble an action thriller movie. These events have inspired countless writers to create interesting fictional tales that amaze the readers. However, writing a captivating drama that presents a picture of the glorious period of Indian history in great detail is a challenging task.

Writer Arun Krishnan has tried to accomplish this feat in his debut fictional work. Nandis Charge: Battle of Vathapi Book 1 is a fictional tale rooted in the rich medieval history of Pallavas and Chalukyas.  

Premise –  Nandis Charge: Battle of Vathapi Book 1

 While on his deathbed, the Pallava King Mahendravarman seeks a promise from his son Narasimhavarman I. The young king is asked to seek revenge for the humiliating defeat of the older monarch at the hands of the Chalukyas at the Battle of Pullalur. In the run-up to the inevitable war against the Chalukyas, the Pallava king sent selected soldiers as envoys to various parts of India.

Prominent among these soldiers are Elango, Muthuvel, and Kannan, sent in three different directions by Paranjyothi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Pallavas. They are assigned the responsibility of building alliances with other powerful kings. The Pallavas aim to use this strategy to weaken the Cahlukyas before the war commences. The book then focuses on the journeys of these three soldiers and the tribulations they face while fulfilling the assigned task. 

Character Development Nandis Charge: Battle of Vathapi Book 1

Despite it being his first book, the author has shown great skill for efficient character development. Each character is presented descriptively, making it come alive. Given the large number of characters, the author has provided a character list at the beginning of the book to make things easier for readers. 

Plot – Nandis Charge: Battle of Vathapi Book 1

The book tells a tale of political manipulations, wartime strategies, romance, and vengeance, woven into an intriguing story. It combines history and fiction to transport the readers into an era of mighty kingdoms and their great architectural triumphs. Set in the backdrop of the great land of Bharatvarsha, the book is the first part of a trilogy. 

Writing Style Nandis Charge: Battle of Vathapi Book 1

The author has used a multi-narrative style for this fast-paced book, which makes it quite engaging for the readers. Even though the author has followed a chronological order to narrate the various events, some sections seem repetitive as they are presented from different perspectives. 

Final Verdict: Nandis Charge: Battle of Vathapi Book 1

This is a must-read book for people who love historical fiction and I give it 4.5/5.

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