Book Review Of My Name Is Cinnamon By Vikas Joshi

Book Review Of My Name Is Cinnamon By Vikas Joshi – The Adventurous Tale Of A Young Boy Searching For His Identity


Most writers find it difficult to address one sensitive issue in their book, and hence a book that addresses not one but two such issues deserves attention.

My Name Is Cinnamon is a unique book that tries to bring to the fore the challenges of adoption and a rare genetic disease known as Usher Syndrome. The book offers insights into both these issues in the form of an engaging and entertaining story.

Premise – My Name Is Cinnamon

Roshan, nicknamed Cinnamon, is the adopted son of a loving couple, with his mother and father belonging to two diverse backgrounds. They are extremely protective of him and try to raise him as normally as possible even though he suffers from Ushers Syndrome. However, as Roshan enters his teenage years, the inability of his parents to fulfill his demand of buying an expensive cycle due to lack of funds, makes him doubt their love.

This prompts him to question who his biological parents were and why they abandoned him. His adoptive parents are initially reluctant to help Roshan in his search to find his biological mother, but finally, agree. Roshan’s quest takes them from the busy city streets of Pune to the disorganized yet delightfully annoying city of Kolkata and then to the beautiful and awe-inspiring lush green landscapes of Nandurbar hill.

Character Development My Name Is Cinnamon

The author has done a great job of presenting the three main characters of the book and their backgrounds in a realistic manner. The relationship Roshan shares with his parents and the way they try to normalize both his adoption and his rare disease have contributed to making the characters seem believable and relevant.

Plot – My Name Is Cinnamon

The book focuses on the theme of a young ailing and adopted teenager trying to find his roots. In the process, the author has managed to highlight the stigma associated with issues like adoption, genetic disorders, teenage troubles, and even loss of hope.

Writing Style My Name Is Cinnamon

The author has followed a simple and elegant writing style throughout the book. The narration of various everyday incidents and the use of drawings and caricatures enhance the readability of the book.

The colorful design of the cover page is quite appealing and creates a feeling of hope and happiness.

Final Verdict: My Name Is Cinnamon


This is a good book to read for people of all ages, especially those seeking hope in the most distressing times and I give it a rating of 4.0/5.

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