Book Review of Love Storywallah By Kumar Ganeshan

Book Review of Love Storywallah By Kumar Ganeshan: A Collection of 9 Beautiful Love Stories


Love stories are the most common and popular genre among both authors and readers. Weaving stories around this beautiful emotion that makes the world go round may seem quite simple but is not actually so.

Creating a fascinating love story is an art and one that Kumar Ganeshan seems to have just about become a master of. His latest book Love Storywallah presents love in various forms, with each form filling the readers with a unique emotion.

Premise – Love Storywallah

Love Storywallah is a collection of 9 simple love stories that reflect a Hindi movie-style approach to love. Each story presents love from a different perspective and hence creates a wide range of emotions among the readers. From filling their hearts with warmth to making them feel sad and even causing them pain and making them cry, the book presents the various colors and emotions of love in a simple yet impressive manner.  I loved the way in which the author highlighted the fact that love may mean different things to different people by setting the stories in different eras, places, genres, and spaces. Although each story is special in its own way, I liked the 4th  story the most, as it was quite fascinating and unpredictable. The second and the ninth story in the book are also worth a special mention.

Who Should Read It – Love Storywallah

Writing Style – Love Storywallah

The author has followed a simple writing style that makes the book easy to understand. The most distinguishing feature of his writing is his flair for creating strong female characters. Moreover, the author has presented all the stories in a realistic manner which makes the characters relatable and the settings believable.    

The cover page design is simple and features the title of the book just below a uniquely designed heart shape on a plain orange background.

Final Verdict: Love Storywallah


This is a good book for readers who like to read simple and realistic love stories and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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