Book Review of Its Going To Be OK

A Book Review Of Its Going To Be OK: How to Reset Goals To Succeed In Life by Mukta Wnakhede


For most people, the journey of achieving their life’s objectives is often fraught with numerous challenges. To overcome these challenges, people need to heal themselves and unleash their inner power.

Mukta Wankhede’s latest book, It’s Going To Be OK, offers insight into achieving these outcomes. It is a perfect blend of self-help and healing tips and techniques for the readers.  

Premise –  Its Going To Be OK

The book comprises 40 short stories that lead the readers on the path of personal growth and success. It provides readers with a clear framework to set and achieve their objectives with great confidence. The stories offer practical advice about overcoming the various challenges of life. They also inspire the readers to embrace uncertainties and seek new opportunities even in the most distressing situations. The stories cover a wide variety of challenges people face in modern times. These include issues in family dynamics, workplace problems, and relationship conflicts. At the end of each story, readers need to answer a set of questions that help them form their narrative. Moreover, the book offers practical solutions to problems by presenting real-life scenarios that the readers can easily relate to. 

Who Should Read It – Its Going To Be OK

 The book is a must-read for people dealing with failure or trying to overcome various obstacles. It is also a good book for people trying to find some purpose. It is also likely to help people who feel stuck in life and seek inspiration to fulfill their objectives. The questions at the end of each story encourage readers to formulate their answers individually. They can implement these solutions to their life’s problems to get the desired outcomes. It helps people inculcate the habit of introspection to find the most ways to resolve their issues in various situations. Overall, the book revitalizes the life of readers and changes their perspective toward finding success in life. 

Final Verdict: Its Going To Be OK

This book is the best choice for people seeking practical advice about leading a successful life. I recommend it to everyone for generic reading and give it a rating of 4.5/5.