Book Review Of Evoked, The Lavasa Incident By Mansi Babbar

Book Review Of Evoked, The Lavasa Incident By Mansi Babbar – A Wonderfully Written Who Done It Murder Mystery


Even though murder mystery is a much-preferred theme among writers, only a few such books are engaging enough to keep the readers engaged. However, Evoked is one book that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Penned by Mansi Babbar, this fast-paced thriller opens a window into the dark corners of a criminal’s mind. 

Premise – Evoked, The Lavasa Incident

Sama and Sevita are two identical twins who join the first year of college in the small and uninteresting town of Lavasa. Sevita is a lively and outgoing young girl who is constantly surrounded by her friends and her boyfriend Kunal. On the other hand, Sama is an introvert who lives of life of seclusion as she has no friends and no one she cares about because she hates to socialize. Then tragedy befalls and one of the twins is killed under mysterious circumstances. This commences a string of mysterious deaths in the town of Lavasa, with Inspector Mohite leading the investigations. The investigations soon uncover a dark web of lies and deceit that lurks just behind the seemingly dull and peaceful lives of the people of Lavasa. 

Character Development Evoked, The Lavasa Incident

The author has worked really well in making the characters look interesting and realistic. I especially love the way in which she has presented the character of the antagonist and helped the readers visualize the things that are going on in the character’s mind. The characters of Sevita and Kunal as well as Inspector Mohite are also quite well-developed and interesting.  

Plot – Evoked, The Lavasa Incident

The plot essentially provides an insight into the darkness of the human mind in a clear and precise manner. This psychotic thriller is narrated in the third person and the book takes the readers to a place where the characters are living in a chaotic world full of violence and self-harm.

Writing Style Evoked, The Lavasa Incident

The author has used simple and easy-to-understand language to present a fascinating thriller. The writer has not only focused on events happening in the real world but also on those that are happening in the minds of the characters, which adds an element of interest to the book.   

The design of the cover page is extremely well-thought-of and reflects the mysterious theme of the plot.

Final Verdict: Evoked, The Lavasa Incident

This is an extremely well-written and interesting murder mystery book I would recommend to everyone who loves a good thriller and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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