Book Of Humor By Ruskin Bond – A Book About Appreciating The Little Joys Of Life

Book Of Humor By Ruskin Bond – A Book About Appreciating The Little Joys Of Life


Ruskin Bond is a writer who is loved and respected by readers of all ages. His books are full of a unique sense of charm and humor that leaves the readers happy and satisfied.

Recently, I came across one of the books penned by this amazing writer, named the Book of Humors, which proved to be a delightful reading experience.  

Premise of Book Of Humor

The book is a collection of the various humorous experiences of the author throughout his lifetime. It teaches the readers to notice and appreciate the little things in life and enjoy them to the fullest. The book transports the readers into a world of eccentric people and the bounties of nature. While the readers are likely to love the misadventures of the author when he was young, they may also tend to sympathize with his loneliness. Most importantly, it reminds the readers to develop an attitude of gratitude and live in every moment.

Who Should Read It Book Of Humor

Writing Style Book Of Humor

The author has used simple language and a free-flowing writing style to pen the book. It is written in a fluent and elegant language that flows like poetry. The vivid and heart-warming descriptions further enhance the interest of the book and ensure a great reading experience.

The cover page features a cartoon image of the author, setting the right tone to match its theme.

Final VerdictBook Of Humor


This is a good book for kids and adults alike and I give it 4.5/5.

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