A Book Review Of Give Up The White Room By Luke Melia

A Book Review Of Give Up The White Room By Luke Melia

  • Publisher:  Dreamspace Books

  • Publication Year: 2019

  • ASIN: B07R9PZMK8

  • Pages: 486

  • Rating: 4.5 on 5


We live in a society where even talking about mental illness is still considered a taboo, which sadly further complicates things for people suffering from this problem. This fact contributed to my decision of accepting the offer of reviewing “Give Up The White Room”, a book highlighting this serious issue, penned by Luke Melia. The first thing about the book that really impressed me was its thoughtfully designed cover page, featuring someone trying to complete a puzzle in a pure white backdrop, which I found both inquisitive and relevant to the title. So it was with real excitement that I started turning the pages of the book.
Reya’s penchant for solving complex puzzles has earned her has earned her the title of “The Puzzler”, on her online challenge forum. However, unknown to the world this brilliant young  woman is trapped within her own boundaries. She suffers from OCD and is also an Agoraphobic, which has kept her trapped inside her home for the past six years. Although she once tries to re-introduce herself into the society with the help of her self-made therapist Ivan, her plan fails and she retreats back to the safety of her home. Then that same night, Reya lands in a dream space that she names “The White Room”, where she meets different people from all parts of the world. Reya soon starts living in this world where she is relieved about being able to finally interact with other people an forge new relationships without leaving the safety of her home. However, the question that remains unanswered is whether “The White Room” is real or does it simply reflect the gravity of mental illness?
The first thing that I would like to state about the novel is that it is quite thought provoking and deals with one of the most challenging problems faced by society in a subtle and sensitive manner. The book makes it easier for the readers to relate to the problems faced by people suffering from mental illness besides making them aware about the issues related to gender and sexuality. This is an adult-themed book, which is why the use of swear words is somewhat acceptable. The execellent character building and the completely engaging writing style make the book a true masterpiece. I admire Luke for  his courage to write about this subject and wish him great success with this book.

I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset”