Unknown Facts Worth Knowing About Conch Shell or Shankha

Unknown facts Worth Knowing about Conch shell or Shankha

A shankha or Conch shell is one of the integral parts of the Hindu puja ceremony or mandir. The importance of shankha is mentioned in the “Varaha Purana”. In the book, the author clarified that the temple door to be opened only after blowing shankha. The Purana also mentioned that it is auspicious to blow the left-sided conch at the beginning of the puja and at the time of conducting Aarti. It is also believed that the blowing of Shankha energizes the ambiance with Sattva, Raja, and Tama.

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The distressing frequencies or negativity in the surrounding gets reduced with the blowing of shankha. The energy emits from it to welcome positivity. It creates a protective shield around the puja materials. Moreover, it is said that the stimulated vigor of Lord Vishnu gets attracted with the blow of the shankha. The atmosphere will stay pure and positive for a long period after the blowing of the conch. We all know that there are various types of Shankha and with a different set of importance. Depending on the nature of the sankha, one needs to pick the one that is purposeful for the event. There are few things about shankha that are unknown to many, and we will share a few with you.
  • It is said that during the blowing of shankha, the sound generates the frequency of divine energy into the environment. The divine energy appears to be red, along with the yellow circles of Chaitanya can also be noticed in the atmosphere. The blow of the conch also emits the pink particles of bliss into the atmosphere.
  • At the time of entering a new house, we often perform the ritual known as Griha Pravesh. Griha Pravesh is the puja of Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi Narayan, and the blowing of sankha during the puja makes the house auspicious to live in.
  • If you hold the conch near to your ear, you will listen to the gentle humming of the ocean. It is the natural cosmic vigor of the earth, and the energy gets magnified into the conch shell. As soon as the conch is blown, you will feel that your brain gets free from all thoughts and feelings. It is said that during this time, we make an entry into the Tran’s condition, and we become very amenable. The blowing of conch shell augments the divine growth of positivity in the minds of people present at that place.
  • It is believed, that blowing of sankha improves the affirmative psychological sensations. It welcomes hope and positivity among the people. People will feel the positive enhancement in their willpower and optimistic thought process.
  • We are sure that you heard about many Ayurvedic medicines, and among them, the conch shell is one of the popular ones. Many don’t know that the ash of conch shell is best to treat menopause. Conch shell ash is rich in calcium, iron and magnesium, and digestive properties. The regular blowing of the conch improves the respiratory system.
Are you still not aware of the positive effects of sankha in your life? But after reading this, I am sure you will understand its role and importance in life. It’s time to welcome Sankha or Conch shell to spread positivity in life.