Astrology And Tarot- How Are They Different From Each Other

Astrology And Tarot- How Are They Different From Each Other

Astrology stepped into my life since the day I was born. I grew up seeing astrology magazines and books in my house. My father had a severe knack for this subject and used to do self-study at home by reading books and talking to fellow astrologers in his friend circle. I saw him practicing chart analysis for hours, and I call it true devotion or love for a subject. 

In my teenage I witnessed many people approaching him to read their charts. Initially, he used to do that out of love for the subject. He was an outspoken person. My dad used to say what he observed in the chart with no sugarcoating. Many liked this attitude of my father.  

But, afterward, he stopped it as he witnessed people quit doing karma and expecting readings will come true. When I grew up, I found my father making an effort to keep me away from this subject. All he said is to do karma, and things will happen at their own pace. But, my curiosity never stopped, and I remained silent till I got married. 

‘I shared my wish with my then-boyfriend and now husband, and finally I ended up doing my PG Diploma in Vedic Astrology. All thanks to him, who gave my desire the wings, my hubby. I started practicing astrology soon after my course completion and following the protocol of presenting the correct reading of the horoscope with no sugarcoating. During my studies, I came across other branches of this divine science like Numerology, Vastu, and Tarot.

I include Vastu and numerology with astrology to provide remedies to my clients. I found Tarot, a bit different from the other 3 branches of Occult science.

Astrology and tarot are two practices used for centuries to gain insight into the human experience, understand the self and the universe, and navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Even though they both employ symbolism and have the potential to reveal essential truths about the human condition, they are in reality different practices with distinct approaches, techniques, and goals. I examined the main distinctions between astrology and tarot. I will share how each might get applied to one’s quest for self-knowledge.

Astrology: A Brief Overview

Another basis for astrology is the idea of houses, which are divisions of the sky that represent various aspects of life, including love, career, and health. Astrologers can understand a person’s life path, prospective difficulties, and opportunities by examining the placements of planets and other celestial bodies in these houses.

Tarot: A Brief Overview

A set of cards got introduced in the divination method known as tarot. It helps to provide information about the past, present, and future. The Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are the two divisions of the cards. Twenty-two cards make up the Major Arcana, which depicts iconic characters and themes like the Fool, the Magician, and the Lovers. The 56 cards form the Minor Arcana. These cards again get segregated into four suits: Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles. The various aspects of life, including emotions, creativity, intelligence, and material wealth, are each represented by a distinct suit.

Throughout the reading, the tarot reader will shuffle the cards and arrange them in a particular spread, such as a Celtic Cross spread or a three-card spread. The reader will read the cards according to their placement in the spread and the symbolism and intuition connected with each card. Every card symbolizes a specific area of the person’s life. The purpose of a tarot reading is not to foretell the future but to obtain awareness of the subject’s present circumstances and possible future courses.

Astrology vs Tarot: Key Differences

While astrology and tarot have some similarities, they differ significantly in several important ways.

Method of interpretation

The approach of interpretation is the primary difference between astrology and tarot. In astrology, predictions and insights into personality qualities get identified from the positions and motions of celestial bodies. Tarot, we can call a divination which makes use of a deck of cards. It attempts to offer suggestions and insight concerning our past, present, and future.

Scope of prediction

Astrology typically focuses on making broad, all-encompassing forecasts about an individual’s life, like general personality qualities or the path of their life. On the other hand, tarot is often used to provide more precise, situational information, like understanding a specific issue or choice.


Although symbols are used in both astrology and tarot to provide insight, the symbolism is very different in each. Tarot cards employ archetypal images and symbols to symbolize many parts of the human experience. In contrast, astrology utilizes the positions and movements of celestial bodies to depict various aspects of a person’s life.

Method of Practice

Tarot and astrology practice methods are also very dissimilar. Creating a birth chart or getting a personalized reading from an astrologer are two standard practices. In Astrology, we need the date, time, and location of the birth of the native to predict his/her future. On the other hand, anyone with a deck of cards and a primitive comprehension of each card’s significance can practice tarot independently to give readings. Astrology studies planetary movements in detail. Study of the Constellation of planets at the time of the native’s birth Astrologers does, to know the status of the planet during birth

Use of Elements

The four essential components, fire, earth, air, and water are important in astrology, with every sign of the zodiac and planet getting linked with a particular element. Tarot also uses elemental implications, with each Minor Arcana suit standing in for a distinct element. However, unlike astrology, using components in the tarot is not as fundamental to the art.

Level of Personalization

A person’s birth chart offers unique insights into their personality and life destiny, making astrology a highly personalized discipline. Tarot is more flexible and may be used to understand various events and people while offering individualized insight.


Astrology frequently covers years or even decades in its forecasts and insights. On the other hand, the tarot is often used for more immediate advice, offering insight into events that are taking place or will occur soon. 

Use of Language

It can be challenging for newcomers to comprehend technical terms like aspects, houses, and transits, frequently used in astrology. On the other hand, the language and visuals used in tarot are more approachable, making it simpler for newbies to interact with and comprehend.

Both astrology and tarot are age-old disciplines used for years to shed light on and comprehend the human experience. Even though they have similarities, they are different in terms of technique, scope, symbolism, and practice. 

Whether you favor astrology, tarot, or another type of divination, both techniques can offer insightful and enlightening perspectives on your life and world. 

Astrology talks about the motive of a native’s life, and Tarot represents our subconscious mind. It helps us in taking the right decisions in life.

As a practicing astrologer I will say – Astrologers can predict but cannot give verdict. We try to alert our clients to take precautions to avoid or reduce the effects of unforeseen situations. We talk about possibilities and to bring the possibilities in one’s favour karma is important. Do your karma diligently and things will fall in place with time.

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